BTS’ RM crosses 1 billion streams on Spotify

Did BTS RM and J Hope hint toward Run BTS live performance at the Busan Yet to Come concert

On December 21, 2022, the Army had a new reason to rejoice because BTS leader RM had a new achievement! It is because Kim Namjoon passed 1 billion streams across all his credits on the popular music platform, Spotify. With this, he has finally joined his fellow group members Suga and J-Hope who hold similar records! For the unversed, RM recently released his first solo album titled Indigo which has many artist-collaborative tracks.


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RM on Jin’s enlistment


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BTS leader RM recently talked about fellow bandmate Jin who is the first one among the group members to enlist in the mandatory military service in South Korea. Kim Namjoon has also revealed what Jin said to his fellow group members before he left for the boot camp. However, he reportedly did not speak much as he might be having a lot of things going on inside his mind back then!

BTS and military

All BTS members including RM, J-Hope, Suga, Jimin, V, and Jungkook accompanied Jin ahead of his departure for military enlistment. Not only that but all of them also shared sweet send-off messages for the eldest member of the group on their respective Instagram handles. RM further recalled what happened when the group dropped Jin at the camp.

Jin’s reaction

Here is what he told KBS News 9, “Jin didn’t talk much. I think he had a lot on his mind, and when we went to the [training grounds], he said like the eldest member he is, ‘I’ll be back safely. I’ll let you know how it is after experiencing it first.”

He further said, “A lot has happened until now, both as a group and individually, and it feels as if a chapter has passed. It was a moment that had to come, and since it was a moment we waited for, it really felt like we were experiencing the turning of a page in [the life of] BTS. I also have a complex mix of feelings, but I’m calm, and I think Jin is doing well at the training centre, so I’m waiting [for his return] in a calm and cool manner.”