BTS leader RM releases ENTIRETY photo folio after the youngest member Jungkook

Credits: Instagram, Pixabay

The BTS members are all set to come back with yet another surprise for the Army and we are already getting hints for the same. A few days ago, the youngest member, Jungkook, gave mysterious vampire vibes as his photos were shared on the official social media account. While fans couldn’t figure out much about the upcoming project, one thing was for sure the Septet will be back with more surprises. Now, our speculations have come true with the release of a few photo books.

New photo books

Recently, BTS has released new 8 photo books that comprise self-chosen themes of all the seven members and of course, an expected group release. The photo books prove that all the members will be having their solo concepts and reimagining them on their own. As mentioned earlier, the project began with Jungkook unleashing his inner vampire based on the Day and Night theme. The photo folio is all set to be released on September 1, 2022, which also marks the golden maknae’s birthday.

RM’s photo folio

Apart from that, BTS leader RM’s photo folio called ENTIRETY has also been announced along with a healing theme. Well, we can easily accept the same from the BTS leader who is known to be a fan of art. Not only that but Army is also hoping that the same will also be released on RM’s 28th birthday. However, the release date remains a secret for everyone.

The new images

The new images shared as a part of ENTIRETY show a unique side of RM. The first three images show three different sides of the rapper. The first one displays a cloth stretched in the middle of the grass. It appears to be a kind of white canvas that is all set to get painted. It also feels that something grand is hidden behind it.

Talking about the second image, it is a monochrome one that appears to be right out of the moment of the BTS leader’s life. We can also see a blazer hanging behind a chair in the same image.

The third image shows a man’s silhouette which we feel is RM himself! He looks somewhat different behind the blurred glass of a door with his hands in his pockets and looking at a distance. We can also see the walls of a house in the same image.

Check out the images below.