BTS Leader RM Shows Gratitude to Fans and Staff Members for THIS Reason

Credit: GQ Korea

BTS ARMYs, the dedicated fanbase of BTS, demonstrated exemplary behavior and set a positive example for the general public at the BTS FESTA 2023. The group’s leader, RM, took to his Instagram to express his gratitude to the fans and staff for their remarkable cleanup efforts at Yeouido, Hangang Park.

RM’s Appreciation for ARMYs’ Cleanup Efforts

RM, known for sharing music recommendations and his daily routines on his Instagram, shared a screenshot of the news about BTS ARMYs cleaning up the Yeouido area after the fireworks show. He expressed his thanks to the dedicated fans and staff, saying, “To all the staff and proud ARMYs, Thank You.” This recognition from RM brought immense joy to ARMYs, who are determined to continue their positive actions in the future.

Massive Attendance and International Presence

On June 17, BTS celebrated their 10th debut anniversary with their devoted fanbase. The event, led by RM, had approximately 3,000 ARMYs in attendance for the live radio show titled ‘Its 5 pm, This is Kim Namjoon.’ Additionally, an estimated 400,000 people gathered at Yeouido, Hangang Park, to witness the grand fireworks show. Among the attendees, it was reported that 120,000 were foreigners, highlighting the global reach and appeal of BTS. The fireworks spectacle captivated not only the residents in the area but also those traveling by airplane, making it an unforgettable experience.

Highlights of BTS FESTA 2023

BTS members actively participated in various segments during the event. RM led the proceedings in person, while SUGA took on the role of a reporter for the ARMY news. Jimin conducted a voice-recorded quiz with the fans, and Jungkook and V made a surprise call to RM during his live radio show. The finale of the event featured a breathtaking fireworks display, illuminating Seoul in purple—the signature color associated with BTS—and narrated by Jungkook. Despite the massive turnout of fans, the venue was left clean and spotless the following day, making headlines in South Korea and international media outlets. RM himself came across this incredible incident and expressed his appreciation.

The BTS FESTA 2023 showcased not only the group’s talent and interactive performances but also the responsible and considerate behavior of their dedicated fanbase.