BTS’ Jin has a special message for fans on ARMY Day

Credit: Twitter

BTS’ Jin recently shared a special message for fans on the occasion of ARMY Day, which is celebrated on July 9th. This day holds great significance in BTS history as it marks the official naming of the fandom, which has since played a pivotal role in the group’s success. In a video, Jin expresses his gratitude and love for ARMY, showcasing his charm and talent.

Jin’s July Message

In the video, Jin is seen wearing a casual white T-shirt, working on his upcoming song. Titled “A sweetie who visited on ARMY Day, Here’s a verse dedicated to the ARMY who became Seokjinnie’s universe,” Jin discusses his upcoming performance, likely with Coldplay, and highlights his collaboration with main producer Pdogg. He acknowledges that, by the time the video is released on ARMY Day, he will deeply miss the fans and performing on stage. Jin treats fans to a brief rendition of his solo track “The Astronaut” with his beautiful voice and wishes them a good month. Promising to return with another monthly video, Jin bids farewell in his unique style, cheekily asking fans not to forget his handsome face.

About Jin

As the oldest member of BTS, Jin enlisted for his mandatory military service in December 2022. Prior to his enlistment, he released his official solo debut, “The Astronaut.” Jin continues to engage with fans through monthly video clips, sharing heartfelt messages and moments before his service began.

The 10th BTS ARMY Day

To commemorate the 10th BTS ARMY Day, the group has released their first memoir, titled “BEYOND THE STORY: 10-Year Record of BTS.” This book, written by the BTS members themselves, along with Korean journalist Kang Myeongseok, chronicles their journey to success. Translated into 23 languages, the memoir is available worldwide, providing fans with an intimate look into the group’s remarkable history.


Jin’s heartfelt message for BTS ARMY on the 10th BTS ARMY Day showcases his appreciation for the fandom’s unwavering support. Fans were treated to a glimpse of his upcoming activities and were serenaded by his beautiful voice. As BTS celebrates this significant day, they also release their memoir, inviting fans to delve deeper into their extraordinary journey. Jin’s presence and messages continue to uplift and strengthen the bond between BTS and ARMY, creating a meaningful connection that transcends time and distance.