BTS’ Jungkook invites a special guest for a surpise 4 AM live session

BTS Jungkook
Credit: Instagram

BTS’ Jungkook pleasantly surprised fans with a short live video on Weverse, featuring his close friend, SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu. The unexpected 4 am KST live session, which they named ’97s Live,’ brought joy to both Jungkook and Mingyu’s fans, known as ARMYs.

Late-Night Introduction

Jungkook initiated the live session to introduce Mingyu to his fans, acknowledging the late hour with a giggle. Mingyu playfully expressed surprise at the timing, while Jungkook explained that spontaneous live sessions are a way for him to connect with his fans.

Respectful Greetings

Mingyu respectfully greeted the ARMYs, appreciating their support, while also jokingly commenting on the unconventional timing of the live video. The two singers shared laughs and expressed their well wishes to fans worldwide.

Spontaneity and Friendship

Mingyu was taken aback by Jungkook’s impromptu live session and praised him for being a cool senior. Jungkook explained that he follows his emotions and initiates live videos when he misses his fans. Mingyu expressed admiration and humorously mentioned that he would learn from Jungkook’s spontaneity.

Fans’ Reaction to the Surprise Live

Fans of both BTS and SEVENTEEN were thrilled by this unexpected interaction between Jungkook and Mingyu. The shared fandoms had an exciting time witnessing their cute friendship and expressed their desire for more such moments in the future. The ’97s Live featuring Jungkook and Mingyu delighted fans with its spontaneous and wholesome nature. This unique interaction further strengthened the bond between BTS and SEVENTEEN fans, leaving everyone eagerly anticipating future surprises and collaborations between these talented artists.

Know About Jungkook and Mingyu

Jungkook and Mingyu, both born in 1997, have not only established successful careers as members of internationally renowned K-pop groups BTS and SEVENTEEN, respectively, but they have also formed a close friendship over the years. Known for their talents, dedication, and charming personalities, Jungkook and Mingyu have captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

Jungkook, the youngest member of BTS, is recognized for his exceptional vocal abilities, impressive dance skills, and his endearing charisma on and off the stage. As a key contributor to BTS’ music and performances, Jungkook has garnered immense admiration for his talent, work ethic, and humble nature.

Mingyu, a member of the thirteen-member group SEVENTEEN, has gained recognition for his striking visuals, rap skills, and vibrant stage presence. His versatile talents, combined with his warm and friendly personality, have endeared him to fans globally, making him a cherished member of SEVENTEEN.

Both Jungkook and Mingyu have exhibited their genuine friendship on various occasions, showcasing their mutual support and respect.