BTS’ Jungkook is Princess Diana’s reincarnation? ARMY reacts on the internet

Credit: Twitter

BTS members do not fail to catch the world’s attention, do they? From giving stellar performances in award functions to sharing quirky pictures on social media, the Bangtan Boys are all over the internet. Recently, the youngest of them all, Jungkook, has gone viral on social media for the weirdest reason possible. Do you want to know what is it? Let’s dive deeper into why the golden maknae is making news again.

What is the case?

A few social media users are said to have found a connection between Jungkook and the late Princess Diana. Strange, isn’t it? All these debates began after a fan account shared an uncanny resemblance between the BTS singer and the princess on Twitter. The similarity which they found is even more strange. So, this fan account states that Princess Diana left for her heavenly abode a day before Jungkook was born.

If that wasn’t enough, a few online users went to the extent of pointing out the facts and reasons behind the dressing styles, behavioral similarities, etc., between both the icons. It has made most of the armies believe that there are a lot more connections between Princess Diana and the golden maknae.

The similar outfits

Army is even more astonished as a picture of Jungkook and Princess Diana wearing similar outfits has gone viral on social media. Wait! The search doesn’t end here. A few fans have also shared pictures of both the icons wearing similar sweaters and pointed out that their eyes look similar.

The Twitter trend

Jungkook was trending on Twitter on April 13, 2022, after his fans and the rest of the netizens drew similarities between him and the late princess. For the unversed, the BTS member was born on September 1, 1997. On the other hand, Princess Diana left for her heavenly abode in the early hours of August 31, 1997, while succumbing to her injuries after a car crash in Paris.

About BTS

BTS recently gave an amazing performance at the Grammy Awards. Moreover, the Bangtan Boys attended 4 concerts in Las Vegas and won the hearts of all the music lovers with their amazing performances. If that wasn’t enough, their stints and stunts moments during all the concerts have also gone viral on social media in no time. It has made the fans eager for their upcoming singles and albums. For the unversed, their last single Permission to Dance was a huge hit.