BTS’ RM, BLACKPINK’s Jennie, and Latto land in a huge controversy; Here’s why

Credit: GQ Korea

Recently, BTS member RM, BLACKPINK’s member Jennie, as well as Latto landed in a huge controversy which sparked an outrage on the internet. So, this particular controversy took root when RM, a member of BTS, shared a song titled “Bad Religion” by Frank Ocean on his Instagram story. The song, released in 2012, has been in headlines due to perceived Islamophobic undertones in its lyrics. This action prompted the hashtag #RMApologizeToMuslims to trend, with concerns about the song’s content causing division among netizens. While some criticized RM for sharing the song, citing potential offense to religious sentiments, others defended him, arguing that the song’s theme revolves around unrequited love rather than religion. RM’s fans, known as the BTS Army, stepped in to support the artist. They also highlighted instances of his respect for different religions and suggesting that his intent was not to hurt anyone.

Jennie’s Involvement in the Controversy

The controversy expanded as fans noted that BLACKPINK’s Jisoo had previously shared a video of Frank Ocean performing the same song at Coachella. This led to calls for her to apologize as well, with the hashtag #JisooApologizeToMuslims trending. Subsequently, the hashtags #ApologizeToMuslims and #JennieApologizeToMuslims gained traction, involving BLACKPINK’s Jennie. The issue gained momentum, with supporters and critics alike using these hashtags to express their opinions on social media.

Latto Also in Controversy

During the trending of #JennieApologizeToMuslims and #RMApologizeToMuslims, Latto, a rapper, posted an Instagram story showing her name trending on X (formerly Twitter). In the same screenshot, the hashtag #JennieApologizeToMuslims was visible beneath her name. This led to accusations of insensitivity towards BLACKPINK’s Jennie and sparked the trend #LattoApologizeToJennie. As this unfolded, Latto’s fans rallied to her defense, asserting that she did nothing wrong. However, this ignited discussions on Latto’s past actions on X, resulting in trends highlighting her problematic history. Supporters countered with positive hashtags in her favor.

As the controversy gained momentum, fans and observers awaited responses from RM, Jennie, and Latto. Thus far, none of the artists have addressed the situation, leaving the controversy to unfold largely on social media platforms.