BTS’ RM’s fans try to figure out his profile photo’s mystery

Credits: Instagram

BTS leader RM has once again captured the online spotlight with his distinctive buzz cut. This haircut had previously caused a stir among fans. Not only that, but it also sparked speculation about his upcoming military enlistment. However, this time the focus is on a different aspect. It is because fans have now started talking about Kim Namjoon’s uncanny resemblance to a Sylvanian Families’ mole character.

The Mole Comparison

RM’s haircut brought about a hilarious comparison among Korean fans during one of his live video sessions. The resemblance between his buzz cut and the iconic mole from Sylvanian Families became a trending topic. Not only that, but it also filled the Weverse app with humorous memes. The unexpected likeness left fans in splits, and they flooded the platform with their creative interpretations. On August 12, 2023, RM also responded to this amusing trend by changing his Instagram profile picture. And yes, it was the one featuring the Sylvanian Families’ character!

The Mystery Unraveled!

The speculation about RM’s buzz cut being related to his military enlistment has also been clarified recently. Contrary to earlier assumptions, his close friend and singer eAeon confirmed on Instagram that the haircut had nothing to do with his enlistment plans. RM’s decision to opt for the buzz cut was influenced by practicality. It happened as the Bangtan Boys leader took the stage for a performance at SUGA’s D-DAY concert. With scorching weather in mind, he embraced the shorter hairdo for comfort. While his mandatory military service is on the horizon, his current haircut is unrelated to this upcoming commitment.

RM’s Future Plans

RM’s musical journey continues to evolve as he diligently works on his upcoming album. The anticipation is high, especially after he announced that this album would surpass the greatness of his previous work, “Indigo.” Fans eagerly await this new chapter, eager to experience the magic he’ll undoubtedly deliver.

RM has also hinted at a solo comeback before embarking on his military service. This solo venture is expected to follow V’s “Layover.” While his enlistment is a future certainty, fans can rest assured that RM’s musical endeavors will continue to grace their ears, making the wait for his next solo comeback an exciting one.