BTS’ Suga is all praises for Alchemy of Souls star Hwang Minhyun in Suchwita


BTS member Suga is currently gaining a lot of popularity owing to his Suchwita episodes that have gone viral on social media. Recently, his 16th episode was released, much to the excitement of the Army. Featuring in the same was none other than ex-NU’EST’s Hwang Minhyun himself. Fans were happy to see the two idols vibing together as they drank beer and talked about their respective careers. Not only that, but Minhyun also revealed the time when he was street-casted after having begun his life as a musician. He also revealed how his mother helped him get through to Pledis Entertainment.

Minhyun’s Journey

For the unversed, Hwang Minhyun has been in the industry for over 12 years now. He recounted the same while talking to Suga in Suchwita. The latter was supportive enough to understand the Alchemy of Souls artist’s feelings as he himself has been a part of the industry for 10 years. The two of them could also be seen vibing over music, their common expertise. Minhyun then went on to reveal that he learned martial arts during the making of Alchemy of Souls. He revealed about being reprimanded by the director for being too sharp with his moments, because of which he had to learn all his scenes. 

More Talks

Hwang Minhyung went on to talk about another accomplishment of his, which is My Lovely Liar. He said that his character, Kim Do Ha, happens to be only 50% of what he is in his real life. He then went on to reveal about being a neat freak and that he loves to remain clean. Suga went on to share his own anecdote. The BTS member stated that RM was never clean when the latter was staying with him. However, the Bangtan Boys’ leader went on to become an expert in cleanliness after having got his own place. 

A Praise from Suga’s Side

Min Yoongi made sure to praise Hwang Minhyun’s talent throughout the episode, be it his acting skills or vocals. As of now, we are yet to see who will be the next special guest in Suga’s Suchwita, a constant hit since the beginning! Check out the recent episode below of the Suga-hosted show below:

[슈취타] EP.16 SUGA with 황민현