BTS’ SUGA’s ‘Suchwita’ teaser reveals special guest SHINee’s Taemin


In an exciting turn of events, the latest teaser for SUGA’s “Suchwita” has dropped, featuring none other than the talented SHINee member Taemin. Both born in 1993, these K-pop idols engage in a lively discussion about their respective groups, the experiences of being ’93 liners in the industry, and their budding friendship.

A Toast to Friendship

The episode kicks off with SUGA introducing his special guest, a senior in the K-pop world. SUGA and Taemin, born in the same year, playfully argue about the age-old tradition of pouring drinks for each other in Korea. They engage in a friendly back-and-forth, aiming to strengthen their bond and toast to the beginning of a unique friendship.

’93 Liners Unite

SUGA and Taemin discuss the rarity of people in the K-pop industry born in 1993. Taemin shares that he already feels closer to SUGA because he heard about him through another BTS member, Jimin. They talk about the interesting dynamic of Taemin being the youngest in his group, SHINee, while SUGA holds the title of the oldest in BTS despite sharing the same birth year.

Looking Ahead to BTS’ 2025 Reunion

The conversation delves into BTS’ reunion in 2025 and Taemin’s feelings about promoting as a group again after a significant hiatus. They also explore their respective groups, sharing insights into their fellow members and what it feels like to be part of their respective teams.

The upcoming episode of “Suchwita” featuring Taemin is scheduled to be released on October 30 at 10 PM KST.

More about SHINee’s Taemin

Taemin, a valued member of the iconic second-generation K-pop group SHINee, has recently announced his highly anticipated solo comeback. On October 30 at 6 PM KST, Taemin will make his return with his fourth solo mini-album, “Guilty.” The album, featuring six tracks in total, aims to capture the intricate emotions associated with love. The title track, “Guilty,” shares its name with the album and presents straightforward lyrics that delve into the idea that selfish love may inadvertently hurt others, emphasizing the complexity of love.