BTS Member V Receives Heartwarming Gesture from Rookie Group BOYNEXTDOOR

Credit: Instagram

Recently, the rookie boy group BOYNEXTDOOR, under HYBE LABELS’ subsidiary KOZ Entertainment, presented their debut album WHO! to BTS’ V as a gesture of admiration and love. V, touched by their heartfelt gesture, shared a picture of the album on his Instagram story, showing his support for his juniors. The genuine and sincere act of BOYNEXTDOOR has captured the attention of fans worldwide, generating buzz and excitement on the internet.

Heartwarming Message to V

BOYNEXTDOOR included a heartwarming note with the album for V, expressing their admiration and gratitude towards the BTS member. The message reads, “To V Sunbaenim, Sunbaenim! Ever since we were young, we have grown up listening to your songs and aspired to become singers like you. Thanks to you, we, BOYNEXTDOOR, could make it. We will continue to support and love you. Please look forward to us too!”

V’s Response and Fan Reactions

V, appreciative of the gesture, replied with a supportive message, saying, “I will cheer you on,” accompanied by a bowing emoji. He also tagged BOYNEXTDOOR’s official Instagram account, further promoting their debut album. Fans on the internet have been overwhelmed by this heartwarming interaction between V and his juniors, expressing their desire to see more such genuine connections. Many fans have praised BOYNEXTDOOR for their debut album, highlighting that all three songs are worth listening to without skipping.


BOYNEXTDOOR is the first-ever boy group to debut under KOZ Entertainment, which houses artists like ZICO and DVWN. As a subsidiary of HYBE LABELS, they are considered label brothers to BTS. The group made their debut on May 30, 2023, with their album WHO!, consisting of three songs: “One and Only,” “But I Like You,” and “Serenade.” Unlike the typical fantasy concepts of K-pop, BOYNEXTDOOR aims to share stories that resonate with today’s youth, setting them apart from other groups. With its unique approach and genuine talent, BOYNEXTDOOR has already begun making its mark in the industry.