BTS’ V returns to South Korea after eventful fashion trip to France

Credit: Instagram

BTS member V, also known as Kim Taehyung, recently made a triumphant return to South Korea after an exciting trip to France. During his time in the picturesque city of Paris, V attended a fashion event with Celine, captivating fans with his impeccable style. Upon his arrival at the Incheon International Airport, a massive crowd gathered to welcome him back. V later took to Instagram to share an update, delighting his fans even further. Let’s explore the details of V’s return and his adventures in France.

V’s Return to South Korea

After spending a couple of weeks in France, V returned to his homeland. Sporting a casual yet chic ensemble, he exuded his signature fashion-forward sensibilities. Dressed in loose-fit jeans, a black blazer, and stylish white sneakers, V added a unique touch to his look with a fashionable scarf wrapped around his neck. Carrying his iconic ‘TAEHYUNG’ bag from Celine, he shielded his ears with headphones and donned a pair of dark sunglasses.

As V made his way through the airport, he graciously bowed and waved at the excited fans and paparazzi, while his bodyguards ensured his safety amidst the flurry of camera flashes. Notably, his trip to France included a Celine schedule alongside BLACKPINK’s Lisa and actor Park Bo Gum, as well as attending supermodel Naomi Campbell’s birthday celebration. Although there were rumors of V attending the Cannes Film Festival, it was clarified that his visit to France was solely for his brand commitments and not for walking the red carpet at the esteemed event. While speculations circulated about a possible meeting between V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie for a date in Paris, their respective agencies declined to comment on their private lives.

V and Yeontan

Upon his return, V took to Instagram to share an update from his home, treating fans to a glimpse of his beloved pet dog, Yeontan. As fans marveled at the unique furniture pieces in V’s house, they couldn’t help but swoon over the adorable presence of Yeontan. The furry companion stared at the camera, capturing the hearts of fans worldwide.


V’s return to South Korea marks the end of his eventful fashion trip to France. As a global fashion icon and talented artist, V’s presence at the Celine event and his stylish airport appearance reaffirm his status as a trendsetter. With fans eagerly awaiting his next endeavors, V continues to captivate audiences with his charm, talent, and love for his furry friend, Yeontan.