BTS members disclose chapter subtitles for BEYOND THE STORY; Know more

Credit: Twitter

BTS, the K-pop sensation, is set to release its first memoir, BEYOND THE STORY: 10-Year Record of BTS, in celebration of its 10th anniversary. This highly anticipated book promises to share untold stories from their remarkable decade-long journey. With chapter subtitles that offer intriguing hints, fans can expect to gain deeper insights into the various stages of BTS’s evolution as artists and individuals. The release date of July 9 holds special significance as it marks the day BTS bestowed the beloved name “ARMY” upon their devoted fans.

Chapter 1: SEOUL – The Beginning

This chapter takes us back to the early stages of BTS’s journey in Seoul in 2013. As a septet, they embarked on their career as a Hip-hop group, drawing inspiration from American Hip-hop culture. It likely explores their experiences of dorm life and the challenges they faced as trainees.

Chapter 2: WHY WE EXIST – Surviving the Storm

Despite being named the Rookie of the Year, BTS faced criticism and backlash for their style and music. This chapter delves into their time in “American Hustle Life” and marks the start of the Dark & Wild era in 2014. The subtitle hints at the difficulties they encountered but also showcases their determination to overcome the cutthroat competition in the music industry.

Chapter 3: LOVE, HATE, ARMY – The Changing Tides

This chapter focuses on the era following the release of THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MOMENT IN LIFE in 2015. It sheds light on the lesser-known aspects of this period, highlighting BTS’s defiance of norms and the new directions they took in their journey.

Chapter 4: INSIDE OUT – Crafting Captivating Concepts

During this chapter, BTS explores the creation of compelling concepts around their albums, portraying the story of seven boys. The mention of friends twice suggests a deeper exploration of their relationships and the impact of friendship on their journey.

Chapter 5: A FLIGHT THAT NEVER LANDS – Love Yourself Era

This chapter chronicles BTS’s blooming Love Yourself era, starting from the release of “Fake Love” in 2018. It delves into the chaos, doubts, and growth the group experienced during this transformative period, ultimately leading to the powerful culmination of the SPEAK YOURSELF tour.

Chapter 6: THE WORLD OF BTS – Surging Across Borders

BTS’s successful stadium tour in 2019 is the focus of this chapter. From Saudi Arabia to America, the group traversed the globe, sharing their honest opinions and forging stronger connections with both their fans and the world. The chapter centers around the Map Of The Soul: 7 era.

Chapter 7: WE ARE – Taking Over the World

The final chapter provides insight into BTS’s momentous journey when they captivated the world with their song “Dynamite,” and the release of their album BE in 2020. The subtitle, referencing their classic INTRO, suggests that they faced tough decisions during the pandemic. It hints at their resilience and determination to progress despite the challenges.


BEYOND THE STORY: 10-Year Record of BTS offers a captivating glimpse into the remarkable journey of one of the biggest K-pop groups in the world. Through these carefully crafted chapters, readers will gain a deeper understanding of BTS’s growth, struggles, and triumphs over the past decade. This memoir promises to be a treasured keepsake for fans, providing an intimate and comprehensive account of BTS’s extraordinary rise to global stardom.