BTS members: Do you know their original names?

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Credits: BigHit Music

BTS – a name that needs no introduction. It is the same band that has been spreading the Korean wave around the world with its amazing songs. The Bangtan Boys or the Septet are currently considered one of the most popular K-pop idols. After having made their debut in 2013, there was no looking back for the band.

Just recently, they mesmerized everyone with their stellar performance at the Grammys. Fans of BTS love to call themselves the Army. While they are aware of the original names of the seven members, do you know of the same? If not, we are here to help you out. We will now be looking into the original names of all the BTS members.


Credit: BigHit Music

Before we start with anything, let us inform you that he is the leader of the K-pop group. He was formerly known as Rap Monster. Born in 1994, RM’s original name is Kim Nam-Joon. Apart from being a rapper, he is also a songwriter and producer.


Credit: BigHit Entertainment

He is the eldest member of the Bangtan Boys and will turn 30 on December 9 this year. While the singer awaits his mandatory military service, let us throw some light into his life. Born in 1992, his real name is Kim Seok-Jin. Mr. Worldwide Handsome is also a songwriter like RM.


BTS Suga

Did you know that SUGA had another stage name? Well, it’s Agust D. Born in 1993, his original name is Min Yoon-Gi. He is a rapper, record producer, and songwriter.


BTS J-Hope
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The singer was born in 1994 and is simultaneously a songwriter, rapper, record producer, and dancer. So, J-Hope’s original name is Jung Ho-Seok.


BTS Jimin

The South Korean dancer and singer’s original name is Park Ji-Min. Born in 1995, Jimin is known to be an exceptional dancer.



Born in 1995, V’s original name is Kim Taehyung. Fans love to call him by numerous other names like Taehyung, Tae Bear, and more!


BTS Jungkook
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For the unversed, he is the youngest member of BTS. Born in 1997, Jungkook’s original name is Jeon Jung-Kook. Fans also love to call him Golden Maknae.

BTS’ current plans

As mentioned earlier, BTS recently performed at the Grammys and is currently performing at concerts in Las Vegas. They have already completed two of their tours and will perform at the remaining ones soon. A few days ago, Jungkook tested positive for COVID-19 after having landed in the US. While the fans feared that he wouldn’t be able to perform at the Grammys, the Golden Maknae left everyone relieved as he joined the entire band to perform at the grand event.