BTS members donate whopping amount in ARMY’s name to Korean Committee after contract renewal

Credit: Twitter

In a heartwarming announcement on September 20, 2023, HYBE revealed that all seven members of the iconic K-pop group BTS have renewed their exclusive contracts under BIGHIT MUSIC. This momentous news brought immense joy to fans worldwide, especially as the members are gradually enlisting for their mandatory military service and simultaneously pursuing solo projects.

A Token of Gratitude: BTS’s Generous Donation

As a gesture of gratitude to their dedicated fanbase known as ARMY, the Bangtan Boys made a substantial donation to the Korean Committee. BIGHIT MUSIC contributed a generous sum of 1 billion won, which is approximately equivalent to 6,25,00,00 Indian currency, to UNICEF for the Korean Committee.

This philanthropic act is an extension of their ongoing LOVE MYSELF campaign, which was launched in November 2017 with the aim to #ENDviolence against minors and ensure the safety and well-being of children and teenagers worldwide. BTS and their fans have previously joined forces to raise funds to combat issues such as domestic violence, school violence, and sexual assault.

The charity donation by BIGHIT MUSIC was made in the name of ARMY, demonstrating the group’s unwavering love and support for their dedicated fanbase.

Details of the Renewed Contract

According to HYBE’s statement, it is anticipated that the K-pop band will be actively engaged in full-length activities until at least 2025. This announcement brings hope to fans eagerly awaiting the group’s return following their mandatory military service. Recently, SUGA, one of BTS’s members, confirmed his enlistment, scheduled for September 22, 2023, becoming the third member to enter military service after Jin and J-Hope.

This renewal marks the second time that BTS has extended its contract with the company, emphasizing its continued commitment to its musical journey and partnership with HYBE.

Speculations of Comeback

BTS’s leader, RM, added an intriguing story to his Instagram, tagging the official BTS Instagram page and using the hashtags #ARMY and #2025, accompanied by purple heart emojis. This cryptic post has ignited speculations among ARMYs about the duration of the new contract. While some fans are hopeful for an extension until 2030, others anticipate a decade-long partnership, indicative of the enduring bond between BTS and their devoted fanbase.

As BTS members embark on their individual endeavors and fulfill their military duties, their renewal of contracts and charitable contributions serve as heartwarming reminders of their commitment to music, their fans, and making a positive impact on the world.