BTS members send a special gift to visitors of the World Scout Jamboree Concert 2023

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The 2023 World Scout Jamboree Korea concert, eagerly anticipated by people worldwide, encountered an unexpected setback as BTS, the globally acclaimed septet, was unable to participate. This concert, gathering young individuals from various corners of the globe, holds immense significance in South Korea. While BTS’s absence was keenly felt, their agency, BIGHIT MUSIC, embarked on a thoughtful initiative to ensure the group’s impact resonated with attendees.

A Touching Act from BIGHIT MUSIC

Although BTS couldn’t grace the World Scout Jamboree concert on August 11th, BIGHIT MUSIC orchestrated a heartwarming surprise for the audience. Originally scheduled for August 6th, the K-pop Super Live concert was rescheduled to August 11th. BIGHIT MUSIC enhanced the concert experience by sending a meaningful gift – photo card sets valued at around 800 million KRW (approximately $600,000). These photo cards were thoughtfully included in goodie bags alongside an array of other items like lightsticks and photo cards from the Cultural Ministry, HYBE LABELS, and Kakao Entertainment.

BTS Photo Cards for the Visitors

BIGHIT MUSIC’s compassionate approach extended to sharing 43,000 photo cards of BTS with the event’s attendees, which included approximately 40,000 participants and foreign guests from nearly 150 nations. This gesture aimed to imbue the essence of K-pop culture into the gathering in South Korea, even in the absence of the septet. By offering these photo cards, the agency sought to forge a connection between the participants and BTS’s musical legacy. Through this act of generosity, BIGHIT MUSIC hoped the concert experience would transform into a cherished memory for all attendees, creating enduring associations with Korea.

World Scout Jamboree Korea 2023

The 2023 World Scout Jamboree Korea event grabbed attention for extending an invitation to BTS to perform. Despite swirling controversy regarding the last-minute request for the Yet to Come singers’ participation, politician Sung Il Jong stepped forward to defend his decision, elucidating the rationale behind his request. While the event’s organizers faced scrutiny over perceived mismanagement, the concert proceeded according to its original schedule, slated to conclude the jamboree. The concert’s star-studded lineup included an eclectic mix of K-pop artists, encompassing names like NCT Dream, MAMAMOO, THE BOYZ, ITZY, NewJeans, MONSTA X’s sub unit Shownu & Hyungwon, KARD, fromis_9, HolyBang, Kwon Eunbi, Jo Yuri, Kang Daniel, P1HARMONY, The New Six, ATBO, xikers, Liberante, and ZEROBASEONE. Notably, Starship Entertainment’s girl group I’VE also confirmed their participation, contributing to the diverse and thrilling musical lineup.