BTS Members Shine Again At The August Boy Group Members Ranking 2023

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The Korean Business Research Institute has officially unveiled the brand reputation rankings for individual K-pop boy group members for the month of August. These rankings provide insight into the popularity and influence of these members within the industry. The evaluation is based on a comprehensive analysis of a substantial dataset, considering factors such as consumer participation, media coverage, communication, and community awareness indexes.

Data Analysis of the Rankings

The dataset used for the rankings comprises an impressive 111,010,776 data points, representing a notable increase of 9.46 percent compared to the previous month’s dataset of 101,420,850 data points. The rankings encompass a total of 716 boy group members, and the data was collected between July 19 and August 19.

Now, here is a look at the top 5 rankings that everyone must know:

  1. Jungkook (BTS): Securing the top position for the second consecutive month, Jungkook’s brand reputation index reached 6,992,686, showing remarkable growth from the previous month’s 4,637,262. This indicates a substantial increase of 50.79 percent since July. Jungkook’s solo track “Seven” has contributed significantly to his popularity, generating excitement within the industry. Keywords associated with him include Billboard, Seven, and Spotify, while top related terms include record, congratulate, and chosen.
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2. Jimin (BTS): Another BTS member, Jimin, claimed the second spot with a brand reputation index of 4,429,960, marking a respectable 5.11 percent increase from July’s index of 4,214,731.

BTS Richest Member

3. Cha Eun Woo (ASTRO): Occupying the third position, Cha Eun Woo of ASTRO showcased a brand reputation score of 4,120,171 for August. Impressively, he experienced a remarkable surge of 120.68 percent in his brand reputation index since July, previously ranking 6th.

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4. V (BTS): BTS member V maintained his fourth position from the previous month, achieving a brand reputation index of 3,909,040 in August. This reflects significant growth from July’s score of 2,506,455, a noteworthy increase of 55.96 percent.

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5. Kang Daniel (Wanna One): Completing the top five rankings is Kang Daniel from Wanna One. His brand reputation index for August is 3,598,242, in comparison to July’s score of 4,472,880.

Top 30 Rankings

The list continues with members such as the following:

  • Hwang Minhyun (NU’EST and Wanna One)
  • Baekhyun (EXO)
  • Juyeon (THE BOYZ)
  • G-Dragon (BIGBANG)
  • Park Ji Hoon (Wanna One)
  • Joshua (SEVENTEEN)
  • Suga (BTS)
  • Jin (BTS)
  • Hyunjae (THE BOYZ)
  • Kyuhyun (Super Junior)
  • RM (BTS)
  • J-Hope (BTS)
  • Kim Jae Hwan (Wanna One)
  • Kim Sungkyu (INFINITE)
  • Mark (NCT)
  • Sungyeol (INFINITE)
  • Ren (NU’EST)
  • Woohyun (INFINITE)
  • Yunho (TVXQ)
  • Sung Han Bin (ZEROBASEONE)
  • Key (SHINee)
  • Mingyu (SEVENTEEN)
  • Dongwoo (INFINITE)
  • One (SHINee)