BTS members we would love to see in Squid Game Season 2

PC: A still from LA day 3

You don’t trust people because they are trustworthy. You do it because you have nothing else to rely on. Says one of the most loved K-drama characters, Seong-Gi-Hun. He is a part of the game that rewarded millions but at the cost of death. These games looked simple. They had childish logic but highlighted problems of power play, poor economy, and poverty at its finest. Remember player 001? And the iconic scene of Ali getting cheated?

Yes, the Netflix show was all fun and games with a lot of twists. Squid Game was on the top charts of Netflix for a long time then. 

I am in the stars tonight. One of the most iconic and hit chart songs of the best boy band hailing from Korea. BTS has had its dominance in the music industry for over 8 years now, and the one thing the audience loves about them is their ability to experiment and be out there trying new things, whether it is releasing singles or acting.

Wonder why are we talking about two different subjects altogether? Because they might not be as different as we think they are. What if there were chances of having BTS collaborate with Netflix for Squid Game Season 2, and give us something worthwhile to watch? Sounds exciting, right? Can it be a music album? A new single? Acting itself? 

Squid Game Season 2
Credits: Netflix

While we don’t know for sure, what we know is that it was only last year when V surprised the audience by donning a Squid Game outfit. Not only this, but V’s selfie with Lee Jung-jae also sparked rumors of collaboration. However, none of this has proved to be true, at least as of now.

Even if those were nothing but pure rumors, there is no harm is visualising or expecting the boy band to be a part of Squid Game Season 2.

So, here are all the BTS members we would love to see as a part of Squid Game Season 2.

V (Kim Tae-Hyung)

PC: IndiaTV

Of course, V tops our list, and for all the right reasons. One of the most vivid and lively members of the BTS band, V is a lovely person, one of the youngest members of the band, and an actor into being. He has acted in a historical drama named Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth and attained a lot of love for playing his role with utmost diligence and cuteness.

V is also known for his incredible relationship with his soulmate Jimin, for whom he even featured a song named Friends in the Marvel film- Eternals. This can also mean he can collaborate with his soulmate, which would make fans gaga to see the on-screen bonding of their favorite soulmates.

V was seen wearing the Squid Game costume in one of his concerts in Los Angeles, and this can hint in the direction of him appreciating and supporting the show. We would love to have him in the role of the brother or son or another police officer, as his charming smile and on-screen presence, along with vocal abilities, V will surely take Squid Game Season 2 to a different level altogether.

RM (Rap Monster)


The famous RM is known for his multiple raps across the world. What if he chose to dedicate a special rap just for Squid Game Season 2? It is possible as Netflix loves to experiment with public stunts, including music. Take the example of Money Heist Season 4 and 5 release, the song Bella Ciao was modified in multiple languages for it to make it to the worldwide release. There were also raps in various languages, and that can be similarly used for Squid Game Season 2 as well with RM being the torch-bearer.

J-Hope and Suga:

BTS Suga

J-Hope is the most well known and sought-after member for his fine voice and ability to hit high pitch notes with ease. Suga has 70 plus titles to his name. They both have been more into producing single songs that have gained them success. In such a case, they can have a duet or even record a single song dedicated to the show. We only need to wait for this exclusive collaboration.

Can BTS do a special song or album?

BTS and Squid Game Season 2

BTS can definitely do a dedicated song or album according to the theme of Squid Game Season 2, because now that they are planning to extensively expand and grow in all directions, with newer concerts and brand collaborations coming up, having a fresh track with Netflix, can be a great thing on their wish list.

While there are no official announcements regarding any of this, we will keep you posted, if at all, we will get to see a BTS-Squid Game collaboration.