BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star motion poster unveiled amid members’ military enlistment

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The ARMY got emotional to a great extent when it was announced some time ago that all the BTS members were in for military enlistment in South Korea. However, a ray of hope remains as the members promised to see their fans again in 2025. Yes, that is the time when the Bangtan Boys will unite again.

For the unversed, the eldest member of the BTS, Jin, was the first to enlist in the military. This was followed by J-Hope and Suga. Eventually, the rest of the members also joined the bandwagon, including V, RM, Jimin, and Jungkook.

BTS Monuments: The Last Gift Ahead of Reunion

The Bangtan Boys made sure to entertain the ARMY to the fullest before they enlisted for their respective military duties. One such gift for the fans is BTS Monuments. This is the latest documentary of the K-pop group that chronicles not only their global success but the challenges that they faced when they started their journey. The major aim of the series is to inspire all the fans to move forward in life. Now, let’s get ahead and learn what else this series has in store for the ARMY while the Bangtan Boys are away.

Latest Motion Poster

BigHit Music, the agency associated with the BTS, released the much-awaited motion poster for the documentary series on December 18, 2023. As mentioned earlier, the series aims to shed light on the challenges that the group faced at the earlier stage of their careers. Take a look at the motion poster below if you haven’t seen it yet!

What is the Release Date?

What better way to get nostalgic than to watch a documentary series featuring your favorite band? That is exactly what the Bangtan Boys planned for the ARMY so that the fans continue to cherish all memories while the members are away. For the unversed, BTS Monuments, which is an eight-part documentary, is all set to be released on December 20, 2023, on Disney+.

Its official trailer was earlier released by the agency itself on November 29, 2023. The trailer commenced with RM leading the BTS from the beginning in their pre-show chant that says, “Bangtan, Bangtan, Bangbangtan.” It is a ritual followed by the members for a very long time. It then delved into nostalgic clips from the trainee days of all the members, revealing the immense effort they invested before getting famous. Surprisingly, Suga, the lead rapper of the group, confessed to almost “running away” at the time when the group was witnessing such challenges.

The same trailer also showed a glimpse of the group’s triumphs, challenges, and eventual success. Earlier, on  June 13, 2023, the K-pop group shocked the ARMY by stating that they would take a temporary break from their group activities.