BTS’ RM and Jimin reunite for a museum outing; Check PHOTOS

Credit: GQ Korea

BTS members RM and Jimin, known for their close friendship since their debut, recently melted the hearts of fans with their delightful museum outing. Their strong bond has endeared them to fans, and their joint visit to an art exhibition at the museum showcased their genuine friendship.

Despite their demanding schedules as global superstars, on August 6, 2023, RM and Jimin took a break to visit the Frieze Seoul 2023 exhibition. This unexpected outing was a delightful surprise for BTS’s devoted fanbase, known as ARMY, who always appreciates glimpses into the members’ personal lives.

Star-Studded Art Festa

The Frieze Seoul 2023 exhibition featured an Art Festa, boasting a star-studded guest list that included not only RM and Jimin but also BTS’s V, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, actor Lee Min Ho, and more. The event brought together some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, making it an exciting occasion for both the attendees and fans.

Striking Visuals Even in Masks!

In a group photo taken at the event by Director of Frieze Masters Nathan Clements-Gillespie, RM and Jimin’s striking visuals shone through, despite them wearing masks and casual attire. The photo backdrop featured a Lee Bae painting, adding an artistic touch to the moment. ARMYs couldn’t contain their excitement upon seeing the two idols attend the exhibition together.

Fans were particularly fond of the pose struck by RM and Jimin in the photo, playfully dubbing their outing a “Museum Date.” This endearing term highlighted the happiness radiating from their close bond. RM and Jimin’s friendship is so cherished by fans that they’ve affectionately given them the nickname “MiniMoni” when their names are combined.

RM and Jimin’s Recent Activities

Beyond their museum outing, RM and Jimin have been keeping their fans engaged with various activities. RM treated fans to a Weverse live session where he shared insights and expressed his appreciation for Jimin’s Instagram stories about birthday ads set up by fans in Seoul.

During the live broadcast, RM couldn’t resist calling Jimin “the cutest living thing in this whole world,” a sentiment that surely warmed the hearts of ARMYs worldwide.

The conversation during the live session also touched on the topic of possible military enlistment, a matter of interest and concern for many fans.

Additionally, RM addressed a recent controversy surrounding Frank Ocean’s song “Bad Religion,” clarifying that there was no intention to offend any faith and emphasizing his respect for all religions and beliefs.

Jimin’s Interactions with Fans

On September 5, 2023, Jimin delighted fans by connecting with them on Instagram, sharing a heartwarming selfie, and spreading joy with his infectious smile. He has also been active in live video sessions, recommending K-dramas and sharing his current mood, all of which continue to bring happiness and excitement to the BTS community.