BTS’ RM and Jungkook to attend the Grammys 2023?

Credit: GQ Korea

The official social media account of the Grammys recently began following the two members of BTS – one of the most popular K-pop brands, which includes RM and Jungkook. It has given rise to increasing speculations amongst the ARMY about why the Grammys started following only the two of them out of the seven members of the Bangtan Boys. Now, rumors are going around that the BTS leader and Jungkook might attend the Grammys award 2023 ceremony.

The new rumors

There have been rumors that BTS leader RM and Jungkook will be soon traveling together to attend the Grammys 2023. The BTS leader is expected to represent the Septet at this year’s awards ceremony. However, the youngest member Jungkook’s attendance is under question.

BTS has already created history by getting nominated for three different categories for the 2023 Grammy Awards. The categories include Best Music Video for ‘Yet To Come’, Best Pop Duo or Group Performance for ‘My Universe’ featuring Coldplay, and Album of the Year for ‘Music of the Spheres,’ also featuring Coldplay. This is the third consecutive year in which the Bangtan Boys got nominated for the prestigious Grammy Awards.

BTS Yet to Come in Cinemas

The Army was excited after the ‘BTS ‘Yet to Come’ in BUSAN’ concert happened and was live-streamed in 229 countries around the world. Later, it got converted to BTS: Yet to Come In Cinemas which is a marvelous work of the septet members that captures all the moments of the day of the concert, that included the explosive stage and the vivid heat of different scenes.

Did you know that 14 different cinematic-only cameras were mobilized to capture the Bangtan Boys from more diverse angles? Well, that made up for a wide variety of shots! The Army will be able to see new scenes and angles of the concert through the movie, which were not seen in any of the previous live broadcasts.

More updates

The screenings for the new Bangtan movie will be available in various formats, including ScreenX, 4DX, and 4DX Screen. However, the movie will also be available to watch in general 2D theatres, enabling the Army to enjoy live performances without any hassle.

For the unversed, an event called the ‘Army Bomb Screening’ will also be held, where the audience can enjoy a movie while waving a light stick. Earlier, a wide variety of performances were announced in different press stills, starting with the most awaited group stage, the performance of ‘Run Bangtan’, and other stages where everyone can get a glimpse of the different charms of the Septet members.