BTS’ RM announces new track ‘Lost’ from his upcoming album ‘Right Place, Wrong Person’

Credit: RM/ Instagram

Who doesn’t like it when the BTS members announce something new, right? That is what has happened recently with the group’s leader, RM. At a time when the members are still serving in the military, all of them have made sure to stay connected with their fans through the launch of some fresh tracks and even albums.

Kim Namjoon is the latest to join the bandwidth as he gears up for the release of his upcoming album. For the unversed, it is titled ‘Right Place, Wrong Person.’ Intimidating, isn’t it?

What about the new track?

As soon as RM had announced his new album, fans were eagerly waiting for the release of its much-awaited tracks. One of the songs, ‘Come Back to Me’ has been released, and is already making its way into the hearts of music lovers. Meanwhile, BIGHIT Music, the agency associated with the Bangtan Boys, has also left no stone unturned in promoting RM’s album along with its fresh tracks. As anticipations are already high about the album’s release, the BTS leader has recently announced yet another track titled ‘Lost.’

Yes, this particular track is going to be released on May 24, 2024, at 1 pm KST, the same day as the release of the album. Most importantly, it is going to be the title track for ‘Right Place, Wrong Person.’

Want to have a look at its poster? Here it is!

RM's Track 'Lost'
Credit: BIGHIT Music (X)

BIGHIT Music and its Official Statement

It seems like BIGHIT Music also could not control its excitement regarding the announcement of RM’s latest track. That is why the agency issued a special statement regarding the same that reads,

“Right Place, Wrong Person,” BTS member RM’s second solo album. “Right Place, Wrong Person” is an 11-track album that captures some of the universal emotions that we all experience at some point in life, such as the feeling of being an outsider who doesn’t fit in. The album falls within the alternative genre, boasting a rich sound coupled with frank, honest lyrics. Your anticipation and support for RM and his second solo album “Right Place, Wrong Person” would be much appreciated. Thank you.”

RM’s special message for fans

The BTS members often love to keep in touch with their fans through Weverse. That is what RM did a few days ago when he asked the ARMY to stay healthy. He also added that he misses everyone a lot.

So, are you excited for the release of RM’s new album? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!