BTS’ RM appointed as ambassador for the Ministry of National Defense

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RM, the leader of BTS, has taken on a new and prestigious responsibility as the public relations ambassador for the Republic of Korea’s Ministry of National Defense. Specifically, he will represent the MDA (Ministry of National Defense) Agency for KIA (Killed in Action) Recovery & Identification, known as MAKRI, which focuses on recognizing and excavating the remains of war heroes.

Ceremony Honoring RM’s Ambassador Appointment

To commemorate RM’s appointment as ambassador, a ceremony was held on June 1 to recognize and honor the BTS member. Dressed in a sharp black suit with a white formal shirt, RM exuded confidence and readiness to fulfill his new role. During the ceremony, RM was acknowledged for his numerous achievements, including the Order of Cultural Merit medal received by BTS members in 2018. He expressed his gratitude for the title and had the opportunity to share his thoughts on the appointment.

RM’s Inaugural Speech as Excavation Team Ambassador

In his first speech as the public relations ambassador for the MDA’s KIA Recovery & Identification Team, RM introduced himself as a member of BTS. He reflected on the upcoming 10th debut anniversary of the group and their constant desire to give back to their fans. RM expressed his passion for promoting South Korea’s art and culture and conveyed his hope for harmony and healing. He also expressed his deep sense of pride and responsibility in being chosen as the ambassador.

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Spotlight on BTS’ RM

Known by his birth name Kim Namjoon, BTS’ RM adopted his stage name as he rose to fame. He has garnered respect from art enthusiasts due to his personal interest in art and museums, both in South Korea and worldwide. As the leader of BTS since their debut, RM is currently involved in an undisclosed project alongside his ambassadorial role for the country’s Ministry of National Defense.