BTS’ RM considers THIS member to be the backbone of the group

Credit: GQ Korea

Did you know that the BTS was originally supposed to be a six-member group? Yes, you heard it right. Jimin was the last one to join the Bangtan Boys, the reason why they are the unbreakable septet now. Well, now it has been almost 10 years since the band was formed and Jimin was added to the group. But it seems like leader RM never forgets things. This is what he described in one of his latest interactive sessions when talking about Jimin. According to him, keeping the latter in the group was the best decision!

Remembering the Trainee Days

For the unversed, Kim Namjoon appeared in the HYBE label’s new series titled HYBE T&D Story (Training & Development Story). This is when he sat down to talk about the trainee days and what it was like setting up the initial trainee system at HYBE. RM is also considered one of the two guardian angels who helped to retain Jimin in the group. He shared that the latter had become an important part of BTS. This is what the rapper said reportedly, “In a way, getting Jimin to stay was basically protecting BTS. Without Jimin, it would have been a disaster.”

We also recall Jimin saying once that he had been kicked off the team around eight times until he got officially retained. According to reports, here is what he said, “I was in danger of not debuting because I didn’t dance well enough.” He further added, “My major was modern dance. Because idol choreography is so different from what I was used to, I found it difficult.”

Military Enlistment

Currently, BTS members Jimin and  Jungkook have already begun their mandatory military service, which started on Tuesday. They enlisted in the military a day after members RM and V entered the military. For the unversed, fellow members Suga and J-Hope were also present to send off Jungkook and Jimin for their mandatory duties.

J-hope had already enlisted in the military earlier this year. He recently also shared photos from the recent gathering. This is when all seven BTS members came together after a long time to see off RM and V. He further shared some snapshots where Jimin and Jungkook can be seen with their shaved heads, right before they entered military training.

J-Hope’s caption read, “Time will fly,” as he shared the photos. Each member of the Bangtan Boys has to complete at least 18 months in the military, staying away from their fans and family members.