BTS’ RM’s ’empty’ workout board leaves fans emotional

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The last four members of BTS have also enlisted in the military, leaving the ARMY heartbroken.

While the fans wait to fill the void in 2025 during the group’s reunion, it seems like HYBE has started feeling the absence of the Bangtan Boys too. Yes, that is right. One of the staff members recently shared a snapshot on December 19, 2023, which showcased a kind of melancholy atmosphere in the place owing to RM’s absence.

The Emotional Photo

The said photo shared by the HYBE member captured nothing but a whiteboard which once included the workout routine details of none other than RM himself. It now bears just a few letters that read, “EMPTY.” These words are enough to impact the heartbroken fans who were left emotional a few days ago upon learning about the military enlistment of the rest of the members of the BTS. Want to know how the ARMY identified the board? Well, it was easy. They recognized it from the seven BT21 magnets, which originally represented each member of the much-loved septet. The same picture was also shared by other fans of the Bangtan Boys.

RM’s Health Update

BTS member RM garnered attention from ARMY all over the world recently. Well, it was not because of his military enlistment alone. The social media hype happened after a netizen shared alleged information regarding the BTS leader’s health in the military. A netizen took to X on December 17, 2023, and claimed that a family member worked at the Nonsan Training Center. For the unversed, this is where the idol is currently training. The same person claimed that Kim Namjoon was unwell and either had a cold or flu. There is no denying that the tweet went viral very soon. Fans from all around the world sent wishes to the BTS leader to get well soon.

BTS Reunion

This is one of the most awaited events for all BTS fans around the world. As the last of the members of the Bangtan Boys embark on their military enlistment, the ARMY waits eagerly for the year 2025. Yes, this is the year of the group’s much-awaited reunion. The fans were taken aback in 2022 when the group announced an indefinite hiatus and decided to embark on individual ventures. Now, we hope to see the septet again two years later once they complete their military duties.