BTS’ RM shares a unique skit and preview photos for ENTIRETY

BTS Richest Member

It was on August 11, 2022, that the BTS members kicked off a new pictorial project that began with the group’s youngest member, Jungkook. As a part of the same project, all the members of the Bangtan Boys will be releasing multiple pictorials one after the other. Following the same, BTS leader RM was revealed as the second member on August 19, 2022, who would continue the project after the golden maknae through multiple teaser images.

More pictorial images

The Army was happy and too excited when RM released a ‘skit’ for his upcoming project named Entirety on August 20, 2022. However, the short clip features only audio and follows the Septet leader’s conversation. Talking about the same, the Korean rapper discusses his current filming as being the very first for him in around eight years. The audio clip includes discussions on multiple topics like fashion and props and acts as a teaser for the upcoming project while raising anticipation.

Check out the skit shared by the BTS leader below.

Me, Myself, and RM ‘Entirety’ Skit

Preview photos

RM’s surprise for the Army does not end here. The BTS leader has also shared the preview photos for Entirety, much to everyone’s excitement. The first image displays a close-up shot of the rapper’s face with a sunflower covering half of it while he looks straight at the camera. Moreover, we can also see his name Kim Nam Joon written at the corner of the image, along with the word Entirety scribbled across the image. The second one is a black and white photo of RM that has both his names written in a corner. The third and final photo displays a burst of colors and shows the BTS leader posing with a bike. We can’t stop but stare at his funky sunglasses and colorful cuffs.

Check out the pictures below.

The earlier images

The earlier images shared as a part of ENTIRETY show a unique side of RM. The first three images showed three different sides of the rapper. The first one displayed a cloth stretched in the middle of the grass. It appeared to be a kind of white canvas that is all set to get painted. It also felt that something grand is hidden behind it.

Talking about the second image, it was a monochrome one that appeared to be right out of the moment of the BTS leader’s life. We could also see a blazer hanging behind a chair in the same image.

The third image showed a man’s silhouette, which we feel is RM himself! He looked somewhat different behind the blurred glass of a door with his hands in his pockets and looking at a distance. We could also see the walls of a house in the same image.

Check out the images below.