BTS’ RM treats fans with a shirtless workout video

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BTS members have always showcased their talent on every platform they visited over the years. Their newfound strength was found once again after all of them joined their military service. If that is not enough, three of the BTS members, V, J-Hope, and Jin could also be seen flaunting their bulkier physiques in the past few months. Recently, the band’s leader RM also shared a glimpse of his workout routine on Instagram, leaving fans impressed.

For the unversed, the video is set to the tune of “Attention” by NewJeans. While the song played, RM and the rest of his companions could be seen persevering through planks.

Here is what his caption reads, “There are a lot of hardships in life, right?… Let’s endure it.”

The story behind the footage

While one can see RM shirtless in the video, the sight of others wearing HYBE gym shirts implies that the footage could be from either a past event or a recent retreat. A lighthearted scene emerges as Kim Namjoon, the leader of BTS, also engages in banter with his companions, potentially staff members, as they struggle to hold their planks. This playful exchange not only highlights the bond between the BTS members but also emphasizes their commitment to fitness and resilience in the face of obstacles.

Recently, RM also went on his first-ever vacation during his military enlistment process. He reportedly visited an art exhibition and bonded with his colleagues. For the unversed, he enlisted in the military in December 2023.

Earlier in December, Kim Namjoon appeared in the HYBE label’s new series titled HYBE T&D Story (Training & Development Story). This is when he sat down to talk about the trainee days and what it was like setting up the initial trainee system at HYBE. RM is also considered one of the two guardian angels who helped to retain Jimin in the group. He shared that the latter had become an important part of BTS. This is what the rapper said reportedly, “In a way, getting Jimin to stay was basically protecting BTS. Without Jimin, it would have been a disaster.”