BTS’ SUGA and Halsey Collaborate in Diablo 4’s Theme Song Lilith: Music Video Teaser Released

BTS Suga

Blizzard Entertainment made a surprising announcement on January 1, revealing that BTS member SUGA and singer-songwriter Halsey had participated in the music video for the theme song of Diablo 4, titled “Lilith.” This collaboration marked their third project together, following their previous works on the song “Boy With Luv” and Halsey’s album, which featured the track “SUGA’s Interlude.”

Teaser Release and Diablo 4 Launch Event in Los Angeles

On the same day as the announcement, Blizzard Entertainment released a 20-second teaser video for the “Lilith” music video. This teaser coincided with the launch event for Diablo 4, held in downtown Los Angeles (LA). In the teaser, SUGA and Halsey made a brief appearance at the beginning, sparking excitement among fans who eagerly anticipated their collaboration once again.

Halsey’s Performance at The Game Awards

At The Game Awards, an esteemed gaming industry ceremony that took place in the United States in December of the previous year, Halsey performed her song “Lilith” on stage. This performance further increased the anticipation and excitement among fans who were thrilled to see SUGA and Halsey come together again.

Dark-Themed MV Teaser and Insights

The recently released teaser of the “Lilith” music video provides viewers with a glimpse into its dark-themed atmosphere, hinting at the impending danger and intensity to be expected. Fans were captivated by this teaser, eager to witness the chemistry and artistry displayed by SUGA and Halsey.

SUGA’s Recent Activities

Jakarta Concert SUGA had recently held concerts in Jakarta, Indonesia, where he delighted fans with a remarkable performance. The concert showcased a range of SUGA’s solo tracks, including the title track “Haegeum” from his album “D-DAY,” as well as “Daechwita” and “Agust D” from his previous mixtape. Additionally, SUGA performed a three-part series of his Agust D songs.

Unique Concert Experience and Message to Fans

During the Jakarta concert, SUGA presented a special exhibition that encapsulated both BTS’ SUGA and his alternate personality, Agust D. He interacted with the audience, exuding a distinct charm, particularly during the acoustic rendition of “Trivia: Seesaw” and the piano-accompanied performance of “Life Goes On.” SUGA expressed his joy at returning to Jakarta after five years and conveyed his deep affection for ARMYs, expressing his hope that everyone would leave with cherished memories. He extended his gratitude to fans for their participation and assured them that this was not the end, promising to continue performing for them in the future.


SUGA and Halsey’s collaboration in the music video for Diablo 4’s theme song “Lilith” has garnered significant attention and excitement among fans. The teaser video provides a glimpse into the dark and dangerous atmosphere of the music video, while SUGA’s recent concert in Jakarta showcased his exceptional talent and connection with his fans. Both artists continue to captivate audiences with their creative endeavors and express their love and gratitude towards their dedicated fan base.