BTS’ Suga and Kim Jong Wan discuss music, Jungkook, and personal experiences on “Suchwita”

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Credits: Instagram

In a recent episode of “Suchwita,” hosted by BTS’ Suga, Kim Jong Wan from the band NELL appeared as a guest. The two artists engaged in a candid conversation, touching upon various aspects of their music and personal experiences. Here are the highlights from the episode:

Suga and Kim Jong Wan discussed the former’s song “Dear My Friends,” which featured Kim Jong Wan as a guest artist. Kim Jong Wan revealed that he received a demo track for the song, which was originally recorded by Jungkook. He couldn’t help but appreciate Jungkook’s smooth vocals in the demo. Kim Jong Wan admitted that he was extremely careful when approaching the song because the demo sounded amazing. They both acknowledged Jungkook’s incredible singing abilities.

Fanboy Moment

Suga expressed his admiration for NELL, emphasizing that the indie rock band was one of his inspirations to become an artist. He revealed that he grew up listening to NELL’s music, and the band, along with EPIK HIGH, had a significant influence on both him and RM. As a result, both BTS rappers have had the privilege to collaborate with these seasoned artists. RM collaborated with NELL for the song “everythingoes,” and Min Yoongi’s track “Dear My Friend” features Kim Jong Wan.

Love and Fragrance

Kim Jong Wan shared a personal anecdote about his past experiences with love. He mentioned a girlfriend from middle school and how, coincidentally, they reunited after several years. He described how her scent had remained unchanged, serving as a powerful reminder of their past. He reflected on how certain scents can transport us back in time, even when circumstances have evolved.

Kim Jong Wan also revealed that NELL incorporates fragrance into their concerts to provide fans with a unique sensory experience. This use of fragrance adds an extra layer of depth to their live performances and allows concertgoers to connect with the music on a more
profound level.