BTS’ Suga gets emotional as his parents attend the concert

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There is no rest right now for BTS’ Suga as he has been busy with his tours and concerts for the past few weeks. He recently held his final D-Day concert in Seoul. Well, there was no doubt that it turned out to be one of the most memorable and emotional events for Min Yoongi and his fans. What was more surprising was his fellow member Jungkook’s presence on stage, who was in to give the former a huge surprise at the concert.

Jungkook’s Special Appearance: “Burn It” Performance

Army had already speculated Jungkook’s special appearance at Suga’s concert. It is because the golden maknae’s SEVEN has become a chartbuster everywhere with the promotions still on! Reportedly, it was also played during the soundcheck of Suga’s concert. Moreover, all speculations turned into reality as Jungkook surprised the audience by joining his friend on stage. Together, they performed Max’s part in the song “Burn It,” much to the delight of the global Army. And as we say, ‘THE FUTURE IS GOING TO BE OK!’


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Warm Reactions from Fans

Fans who witnessed Jungkook’s unexpected appearance expressed their excitement and appreciation on social media. Most of them praised JK’s performance and how he managed to join the concert despite appearing unwell the day before. The touching moment between Suga and Jungkook, where they shared a hug on stage after the performance, also left fans emotional and thrilled.

Suga’s Emotional Moment with “AMYGDALA”


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There was another emotionally overwhelming moment for Suga at the same concert. He got emotional while performing his track “AMYGDALA,” a song that holds a special place in his heart. Moreover, the sight of his parents at the same time in the audience brought tears to his eyes. The song delves into the theme of dealing with painful or traumatic memories, which made the moment even more poignant for both Suga and his fans.

Jungkook’s Support for Suga

Jungkook has been actively showing his support for Suga. He did so not only by joining him on stage during the concert but also by being a guest on Suga’s popular drinking talk show, “Suchwita,” on YouTube. The two artists candidly discussed various aspects of their lives and their future plans in the music scene. Fans were excited to know what the duo thought about their fellow BTS members and their beloved ARMY. The D-Day tour in Seoul was the last leg of Suga’s tour, which took place consecutively at the KSPO Dome.

Suga’s final D-Day concert in Seoul turned out to be an emotional and heartwarming event. BTS member Jungkook making a surprise appearance on stage was like a cherry on the cake for the Army. Fans celebrated the touching moment between the two artists and appreciated their unwavering support for each other on social media.