BTS’ Suga makes delightful announcement amid bulk album buying criticism

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Yet another day and yet another BTS member has grabbed the headlines. But, this time, it is not regarding some usual album launch or song teaser. Well, the matter is bigger, especially for the ARMY.

It so happened when a larger debate started around the topic of bulk buying. Yes, several netizens pointed out the fact that several fans purchase the albums of their favorite K-pop stars to just get the photocards. As a result, people often spot huge piles of discarded albums in bins and even on the roads. Now, the issue keeps getting bigger with multiple companies selling more albums with several photo cards.

Now, you might be wondering what draws BTS member Suga into this debate. Scroll below to know!

Suga’s recent announcement

A recent announcement by Min Yoongi has sparked excitement and praise within the community. For the unversed, he recently announced the release of Agust D Tour D-Day on DVD with all photocopies included in the album. This particular move of the member of the Bangtan Boys has garnered much admiration and attention.

Everything came to the limelight on May 20, 2024, at a time when most netizens were abuzz with anticipation as news broke of the special release by Suga. For the unversed, the album promises some exclusive inclusions that include posters, booklets, and postcards. It is said that the same album will include a staggering 28 photocards from each stop of the BTS member’s tour. This is, once again, a departure from the common industry practice of having a random selection of photo cards in albums.

What makes Suga’s announcement special?

What makes Suga’s album stand out from all other albums is that he has decided to add an abundance of photocards in the same version rather than prompting fans to purchase multiple versions.

For the unversed, several fans often resort to purchasing multiple copies to complete their collection of photo cards. Suga has helped resolve this issue by enabling everyone to get all photo cards in a single go with the respective album cover. His proactive approach, once again, stands as a commendable example of fulfilling the wishes of fans and also promoting environmental consciousness.