BTS’ Suga takes fans by surprise as he goes shirtless on Instagram

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The Bangtan boys have been exploring themselves as artists and their individual personalities, much to the excitement of the fans. Ever since the BTS members entered chapter 2, they have surprised everyone with their new avatars, solo ventures, and other interesting projects. One by one, the BTS members have unleashed different surprises for fans over the years, and the latest one to do so is our very own Suga aka Min Yoongi.

The shirtless pictures

Social media is trending and buzzing because of BTS member Suga’s latest photoshoot. The same has sent shockwaves amongst the ARMY within a short period. Min Yoongi is not usually active on Instagram, but he makes sure to create mayhem whenever he comes online. For the unversed, Suga went shirtless in his latest post. He has reportedly dropped four pictures, two of them with similar aesthetics. The First set displays the septet member shirtless, and his neck covered in blue flowers. The second set displays Suga still in a shirtless form, but with a single-shade threaded headgear.

Check out the Instagram posts below.


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Earlier news


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On January 4, 2022, popular tattoo artist POLYC talked about the much-awaited reveal of Min Yoongi’s tattoo. In his post, the artist said that he will be revealing the tattoo once the BTS member uploads it himself, to ensure he maintains the will of the customer! It has been already debated on social media platforms like Twitter by the BTS Army regarding the time when Suga will be making an official revelation of the tattoo. Many fans suspect it is behind the septet member’s ear, but nothing is confirmed yet.

BTS has been winning hearts around the world with their group releases ever since the much-talked-about debut in the year 2013. For the unversed, the K-pop group has been active in the industry for over 9 years now. In 2022, BTS took everyone by surprise as they announced that the members will be focusing more on their solo activities while working on their group content simultaneously. Since then, every one of them has excelled in their solo ventures, including Jin, who is currently off for his military service.