BTS’ Suga takes fans by surprise as he joins PSY to perform That That

Suga and PSY That That
Credits: P Nation

BTS member Suga took fans by surprise when he appeared on the stage to join PSY on the second day of PSY’s Summer Swag 2022 concert. 

Fans were already filled with excitement and dancing with PSY while he performed his hit song That That co-produced by and featuring Suga. But the crowd went crazy when BTS rapper came on to perform with PSY. Though dressed in a simple white T-shirt, beige shirt, ripped denim, and sneakers, Suga was shining with confidence and swag while performing. Mesmerized by his charms, fans were quick to start screaming the trending phrase, “Yoongi Marry Me”. 

There was a huge uproar among the 30,000 fans gathered at the concert when Suga made an unexpected appearance to perform his verse in That That. It equally shook the fans online who couldn’t be physically present for the event.

Both PSY and Suga are well known for their performance skills, so one could only imagine the magic they created together on stage. Interacting with each other and the audience with amazing stage presence, fans were bound to let loose. Videos from the evening were quick to go viral on all social media platforms. 

The performance took Twitter by storm. A user wrote, “OMG I might have passed out if was present there”. Another person wrote, “He looks so good and energetic. YOONGI OPPA MARRY ME.”

After the song ended, Suga performed a “Mic Drop”, reminiscing old times, hugged PSY, blew kisses to the audience, waved them goodbye, and left the stage.

On April 29, 2022, PSY made a comeback after five years with his ninth full album PSY(9). The title track of the album, That That, marked the occasion of PSY and BTS member Suga teaming up for the first time. Not only did they co-produce, write, compose and arrange the song together, but Suga also ended up featuring on the track and the music video. 

Suga and PSY That That
Credits: P Nation

On April 30, PSY appeared on an episode on Knowing Bros (Ask Us Anything) and revealed the back story behind That That.  He said one day, he received a text message from an unknown number that said, “Hi, this is Suga. I’d like to talk to you about something.” This led to them meeting up. 

“(Suga) is a great performer, of course, but he’s also really good at writing music. He’s produced songs for IU and Heize before. So he’d produced lots of songs for other stars before, and he told me that he wanted to top off his producing project by giving me a song”, Psy added. “That’s when he brought me the instrumental (for That That).”

He revealed that Suga was the one who had produced the beats and asked PSY if he could sing the song. PSY replied to him with enthusiasm, “It wouldn’t even have to be this. What wouldn’t I be willing to sing if you produced it? I’m in!”

Then they started working on the song together, and the rest is history. PSY further took the opportunity to thank Suga for the track.  

美친 섭외력😲 싸이(PSY) 뮤직비디오에 나온 의외의 인맥🙊 「BTS 슈가(SUGA)」 아는 형님(Knowing bros) 330회 | JTBC 220430 방송

It was already exciting enough to see the Gangnam Style singer return with a catchy expected dance number after a long time, but to also have Suga featured on the song made fans ecstatic.

On May 14, That That entered at #80 on the US Billboard’s main single chart Hot 100.