BTS’ Suga’s Speech at His Brother’s Wedding is Sure to Melt Your Hearts

BTS Suga

BTS member SUGA made a special appearance at his elder brother’s wedding in Daegu. The private ceremony was attended by close family members and friends. SUGA’s heartfelt speech and gestures of support touched the hearts of everyone present, showcasing the strong bond between the “Fish Bread Brothers.”

SUGA’s Congratulatory Speech

During the wedding ceremony, SUGA delivered a touching speech on behalf of both sets of parents. With his exceptional songwriting skills, he beautifully expressed his well wishes and blessings for his brother and sister-in-law’s new journey together. The emotional moment brought tears to his brother’s eyes, and they shared a warm embrace, demonstrating the deep love and support between them.

SUGA’s Support and Gratitude

In his speech, SUGA also highlighted the pivotal role his brother played in his own music career. As the first person to encourage and support his passion for music, SUGA expressed his gratitude and credited his brother’s influence for shaping his path. This heartfelt acknowledgment showcased the strong bond and shared aspirations between the “Fish Bread Brothers.”

SUGA’s Congratulatory Flowers

In addition to his heartfelt speech, SUGA made a memorable gesture by sending congratulatory flowers to the newlyweds. The wreath, bearing the message “BTS SUGA MIN YOONGI,” caught the attention of guests and fans alike, further emphasizing SUGA’s presence and support on this joyous occasion.

SUGA’s Commitment and Future Plans

Despite his busy schedule, including the recently completed D-DAY TOUR, SUGA made it a priority to be present for his brother’s special day. His dedication and love for the family were evident as he traveled to Daegu for the wedding celebration. Additionally, SUGA has announced additional shows for the tour, taking place at the KSPO Dome in Seoul on August 4th, 5th, and 6th, demonstrating his commitment to his music and fans.


SUGA’s attendance at his brother’s wedding showcased his unwavering support and love for his family. Through his heartfelt speech, he expressed his congratulations and gratitude, leaving a lasting impression on all those in attendance. The gesture of sending congratulatory flowers further highlighted SUGA’s thoughtfulness and appreciation. As SUGA continues to pursue his music career and engage with his fans, he remains grounded in his connections with loved ones, exemplifying the importance of family bonds.