BTS Unveils 2023 Festa Group Photo and Collaborates with TikTok: Celebrating a Decade of Debut

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On June 1, BIGHIT MUSIC released BTS’ group photo for the 2023 Festa, a beloved tradition in which the members commemorate their debut anniversary. This annual celebration has been cherished by BTS and their fans since 2013. In the latest photo, the members don adorable pastel-colored outfits and sweet hairstyles while surrounded by purple boxes marked with the word “ARMY.”

Collaborating with TikTok for the 2023 Festa

To mark the special occasion of BTS’s tenth debut anniversary, TikTok announced a collaboration with the ‘2023 BTS Festa’ on February 2. The collaboration involves various events, including a hashtag challenge, organized in partnership with TikTok. Furthermore, TikTok will actively promote BTS’ new digital single, ‘Take Two,’ on its #NewMusic hub. Exclusive videos and special messages reflecting on BTS’s remarkable journey over the past ten years will also be shared on the platform.

‘Take Two’: A Special Song for ARMYs

‘Take Two’ is a heartfelt song created by BTS for their devoted fanbase, ARMY. The track encompasses their experiences from their debut until the present and expresses their hopes for the future together with ARMYs, especially as the members prepare to fulfill their military service obligations. It serves as a meaningful gift to their fans, reflecting the deep bond between BTS and ARMY.

BTS’ Recent Achievements

Soundtrack Success and Jimin’s Solo Chart Entry The soundtrack for the movie ‘Fast and Furious X,’ titled ‘Angel Pt. 1’ (Feat. Jimin of BTS, JVKE, and Muni Long), reached the top of Billboard’s most recent chart on May 31. This marked Jimin’s fourth appearance on the ‘Hot 100’ as a solo artist. Previously, he achieved chart success with ‘Vibe’ alongside BIGBANG member Taeyang (ranked 76th), ‘Set Me Free Pt. 2’ from his remarkable solo collection ‘FACE’ (highest ranking 30th), and ‘Like Crazy’ (highest ranking no.1).

RM’s Appointment as a Public Relations Ambassador

On June 1, BTS member RM, also known as Kim Namjoon, was honored at the appointment ceremony as a public relations ambassador for the Ministry of National Defense for KIA (Killed in Action) Recovery & Identification. The ceremony took place at the Seoul National Agency in Dongjak-gu, Seoul. RM’s appointment showcases his dedication to contributing to meaningful causes and highlights BTS’s involvement in promoting social awareness and civic engagement.


In summary, BTS continues their cherished tradition of the Festa, unveiling a delightful group photo for the 2023 celebration. The collaboration with TikTok adds excitement to the milestone of their tenth debut anniversary, offering fans exclusive content and promoting their new digital single, ‘Take Two.’ Additionally, BTS members have achieved notable milestones individually, such as Jimin’s success on the Billboard charts. RM’s recent appointment as a public relations ambassador further demonstrates the group’s commitment to making a positive impact beyond their musical endeavors.