BTS urges fans to avoid visiting military camps during their enlistment

Credit: Instagram

BTS members RM, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook are set to begin their mandatory military duty soon, with reports suggesting enlistment starting next week. The announcement sparked concerns about fan gatherings at army camps, prompting the K-pop stars to address their fans through a video.

In a video posted on social media, RM conveyed a request to fans, asking them not to visit the army camps on the day of their enlistment. He emphasized that their presence could be a “nuisance” to other soldiers and their families. The appeal aimed to ensure a smooth and respectful enlistment process for the BTS members.

Previous Enlistments and Fan Gatherings

The three older BTS members had already enlisted in the military, with Jin being the first to join in December last year. Previous send-offs attracted large crowds of fans, known as the ARMY, gathering outside military bases to bid farewell. The appeal from the band reflects a desire to avoid potential disruptions during their enlistment.

BIGHIT Music’s Statement

BIGHIT Music, the label representing BTS, released a statement urging fans to refrain from visiting military bases on the enlistment day. The label emphasized that no separate official events would be organized and asked fans to offer a warm send-off and encouragement to the members “with your heart.”BTS had previously announced a break, with plans to reunite in 2025 after focusing on personal projects and fulfilling mandatory military service. The live stream featuring RM, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook provided insights into the band’s decision and conveyed a positive outlook on their temporary hiatus.

Exemption Rumors and Reality

Despite rumors about possible exemptions for BTS due to their cultural impact, South Korea’s mandatory military service regulations apply to all able-bodied men, including K-pop stars. The government does offer exemptions to certain individuals, such as Olympic athletes, but these do not extend to the entertainment industry.

As BTS members prepare for their upcoming enlistment, the band’s sincere appeal to fans reflects a commitment to a smooth and respectful process. The video message serves as a reminder of the band’s dedication to their military service obligations and the importance of a supportive fan community during this period.