BTS’ V achieves 10 million monthly Spotify listeners ahead of solo album release

Credit: Twitter

As the release of BTS V’s upcoming album “Layover” draws near, fans around the world are buzzing with excitement. Kim Taehyung, known for his soulful voice and artistic prowess, has already left an indelible mark on the music industry. With the recent release of his pre-release singles on global music streaming platforms, fans can now indulge in the soothing melodies and feel a rush of nostalgia.

V’s Spotify Milestone

One remarkable achievement that has added another feather to BTS’ V’s cap is his surge in popularity on Spotify. Just ahead of the highly anticipated “Layover” album release on September 8, 2023, V crossed the impressive threshold of 10 million monthly listeners on his Spotify artist profile. This remarkable milestone not only underscores his musical influence but also showcases the unwavering support of the BTS Army.

The Anticipations

The pre-release of two B-side tracks, “Love Me Again” and “Rainy Days,” from the “Layover” album has sent waves of anticipation among fans. These digital singles were made available to global fans via major music streaming platforms, setting the stage for V’s solo journey. Notably, beloved songs like “Winter Bear,” “Snow Flower,” and “Scenery,” which were previously confined to YouTube, have now found their way to V’s artist profile on global streaming platforms. Additionally, fans can now enjoy V’s captivating K-drama OSTs as part of his growing musical repertoire.

This achievement serves as a testament to V’s rising prominence as a solo artist even before the official release of his album. Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of “Layover” with bated breath, wondering just how many more streaming records BTS’ V will break or create when the album finally drops.

The Much-Awaited Album

V’s collaboration with ADOR’s CEO, Min Hee Jin, has given birth to “Layover,” an album that has been generating significant buzz since its announcement in August 2023. The album’s visualizer release provided fans with a glimpse of its title and the six captivating tracks that will grace its repertoire. “Layover” promises to be a reflection of BTS V’s unique musicality and artistic vision, setting the stage for extraordinary performances.

The album’s tracklist reads like a musical journey, with songs like “Rainy Days,” “Blue,” “Love Me Again,” “Slow Dancing,” “For Us,” and “Slow Dancing” (piano version). Fans have been advised to listen to the album in the order of its tracklist to fully grasp the essence of “Layover.” With “Rainy Days” and “Love Me Again” already setting the stage, the anticipation for V’s solo album debut is palpable.

As we await the release of “Layover,” the world watches in eager anticipation to witness the magic that BTS’ V will undoubtedly conjure with this highly-anticipated musical masterpiece. It’s a testament to V’s musical prowess and the unwavering support of ARMY that makes this journey all the more exciting. Stay tuned for “Layover” and prepare to be mesmerized by the artistry of BTS’ V.