BTS’ V all set to perform solo album ‘Layover’ on Tiny Desk Korea

Credit: Instagram

BTS’ V is already basking in the success of his solo album Layover and is already making headlines with Love Me Again and Rainy Days. Now, we have another piece of news for Kim Taehyung’s album. On August 11, 2023, the renowned program ‘Tiny Desk Korea’ made a splash with its star-studded lineup announcement.

The event will feature performances by Kim Changwan Band, Sunwoo Jung Ah, BTS’ V, Yoon Seok Cheol Trio, and Kwon Jin Ah. This adaptation of the popular ‘Tiny Desk Concert,’ is produced by NPR Music. So, it will showcase a diverse array of talents, ranging from international pop sensations like Adele and Justin Bieber to prominent Korean artists such as BTS and Jay Park.  For the unversed, BTS member V had previously participated in the original ‘Tiny Desk Concert.’ So, the good news is that he will return as a solo artist to captivate the audience once again!

V’s Solo Album ‘Layover’

Stepping away from his role as a group member, V is all set to unveil his solo album ‘Layover’ on September 8, 2023. The album’s second track, ‘Love Me Again,’ was previewed with a visually stunning music video released on August 10, 2023. This R&B-infused tune showcases V’s remarkable vocal prowess and distinctive tone. Filmed within the enchanting depths of a Spanish cave, the video’s ambiance intertwines seamlessly with V’s mellifluous voice. Remarkably, the video was executed with minimal equipment, echoing the intimacy of a live session. The restrained use of lighting and settings focuses the viewer’s attention solely on V’s expressive eyes and emotive facial expressions, leaving fans worldwide captivated.

Love Me Again’s Explosive Impact

The release of the music video for ‘Love Me Again’ was met with an enthusiastic reception from fans. Within a short time after its release, the video surpassed 1 million views and astonishingly crossed the 15 million mark within just 22 hours. V’s influence was further highlighted as he clinched the top spot on various music charts. He became the first K-pop artist to dominate the UK’s Tidal UK Top Video chart, as well as securing the top positions on iTunes Music Video and Apple Music Video K-Pop Division. Demonstrating his global appeal, the video claimed the number one spot in over 20 countries, including the US, UK, France, Japan, and Canada. Notably, ‘Love Me Again’ emerged as the most-watched video in the world within the first 24 hours, underscoring the magnetic pull V exerts over international music enthusiasts.

As the anticipation for V’s solo album ‘Layover’ reaches a fever pitch, fans around the world eagerly await his unique musical journey and the emotive performances he promises to deliver on the esteemed stage of Tiny Desk Korea.