BTS’ V and actor Yoo Seung Ho to co-star on Running Man

Credit: Twitter

BTS’ V and actor Yoo Seung Ho are set to share the screen in an upcoming episode of the popular variety show Running Man. This marks V’s second appearance on the show, creating anticipation among fans.

The episode featuring V and Yoo Seung Ho is scheduled to air on December 3. Reports indicate that the filming for the episode took place recently, confirming the collaboration between the K-pop idol and the renowned actor. The idea for them to appear together arose during their individual appearances on the show earlier.

Previous Appearances on Running Man

V had previously featured on Running Man in the broadcast on September 10, showcasing his entertaining presence on the variety show. Yoo Seung Ho, known for his roles in popular K-dramas, made a guest appearance on October 8. The decision to have them on the same episode adds an extra layer of excitement for fans.

Tazza Association Theme

The upcoming episode is said to feature a special “Tazza (card shark)” theme, as suggested by HaHa during earlier broadcasts. The Tazza concept involves strategic mind games and bets, inspired by the well-received Korean film “Tazza: The High Rollers” from 2006. This theme has been a hit in previous Running Man episodes.

Running Man’s Longevity and Cast

Running Man, which debuted in 2010, stands as one of South Korea’s longest-running variety shows. The cast, including Yu Jae Seok, Haha, Jee Seok Jin, Kim Jong Kook, Song Ji Hyo, and Yang Se Chan, has garnered a substantial international fanbase over the years. The inclusion of popular figures like V and Yoo Seung Ho adds to the show’s appeal.

V’s Recent Activities and Fan Engagement

BTS’ V recently gained attention for his heartwarming interaction with a fan on Weverse, where he offered thoughtful advice to a fan expressing exhaustion. The hashtag ‘Get Well Soon Taehyung’ trended on social media as fans appreciated V’s caring response. Additionally, V was spotted enjoying an evening with his Wooga Squad companions, attending a screening of the film “Believer.”

The upcoming episode of Running Man promises an exciting collaboration between V and Yoo Seung Ho, bringing together the worlds of K-pop and acting on the popular variety show.