BTS’ V and IU’s behind-the-scenes photos from ‘Love Wins All’ wins the internet

BTS V and IUs behind the scenes photos from Love Wins All wins the internet
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IU and BTS member V have recently offered a behind-the-scenes look at the making of their music video for Love Wins All. Both of them shared these pictures with all smiles and camaraderie on January 27, 2024. The photos definitely provide a sneak peek into the creation of this excellent music video which is set in a dystopian world at the backdrop of a bittersweet fairytale.


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Off-camera photos of V and IU

Both, BTS member V and IU, merge their respective talents to narrate a tragic love story amidst adversity in Love Wins All. The official music video seems to encapsulate their onscreen emotional journey. The duo could be seen juggling between rugged and clean looks. Everything is beautifully portrayed through the lens of a camera in the official MV which has garnered a lot of love from fans worldwide.

BTS’ V delighted fans by sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses on X on January 27, 2o24. The Christmas Tress singer shared a sneak peek into the making of this captivating music video. IU is the one who prominently features in the photos that further highlight their camaraderie on set. The two of them are seen posing against a set wall as they capture moments of joy and collaboration during the filming process.

Details on Love Wins All

IU’s Love Wins All, featuring BTS member V, undoubtedly emerges as a visual masterpiece. The track comes with a beautiful narrative of concealed love and tragic fate. The music video is directed by Um Tae Hwa and was earlier unveiled on January 24, 2024. The official MV immerses all viewers in a post-apocalyptic setting while it unfolds a heart-wrenching love story skillfully portrayed by IU and Kim Taehyung.

Fan reactions to the track

As soon as Love Wins All was released, it became a hit across all platforms. Fans were quick to shower their love on both V and IU. Here is what one of the users wrote, ” V-ssi up to his ears, as of today he has only a week to enlist in the military it’s a ridiculous schedule but luckily we were able to work the schedule and thankfully got to take place.” Another fan wrote, “Taehyung had only a week left before the enlistment when they filmed Love wins all. He worked hard until the last minute and did lives as well.” Meanwhile, one more fan wrote, “The fact Taehyung supported and filmed ‘Love Wins All’ MV with IU just one week before his enlistment.. actor taehyung worked so hard omg I’m so proud of him.”