BTS’ V and Jung Ho Yeon to make special appearances in NewJeans’ music video?

Credits: BigHit/Twitter

There have been exciting speculations about two global stars, BTS’ V and Jung Ho Yeon from Squid Game, joining forces with HYBE LABELS’ rookie girl group NewJeans for an upcoming music video. The rumors started circulating after a netizen’s account of their visit to Madrid, Spain, where they claimed to have spotted BTS’ V and NewJeans together at a restaurant for three consecutive days. Furthermore, other netizens later revealed that Jung Ho Yeon was also seen filming with NewJeans in Spain, fueling anticipation that she might be making an appearance in one of NewJeans’ music videos.

The Restaurant Encounter

According to the netizen’s Naver blog post, the owner of a restaurant in Madrid shared that BTS member V and the members of NewJeans frequented the establishment for three days before the netizen’s visit. This news immediately sparked rumors about V’s potential involvement in NewJeans’ music video. Fans of both BTS and NewJeans were thrilled by the possibility of V collaborating with the girl group, especially given the recent cameo appearances of NewJeans’ members, Minji and Hanni, in BTS’ “Permission to Dance” music video.

Jung Ho Yeon’s Involvement

Adding to the excitement, reports surfaced suggesting that Jung Ho Yeon, the talented actress known for her role in the popular series Squid Game, was spotted filming with NewJeans in Spain. Although no official confirmation has been made by HYBE LABELS or Jung Ho Yeon’s agency, fans couldn’t help but speculate that she might be joining forces with NewJeans for their upcoming music video as well.

Details about “Cool With You”

NewJeans is currently in the midst of promoting their upcoming album, “Get Up,” with great enthusiasm. They will now be releasing their next song, “Cool With You,” on July 20, 2023. The group already released the other title tracks “Super Shy” and “New Jeans” on July 7 this year. As a side track from the album, “Cool With You” promises to be a fresh and captivating addition to NewJeans’ musical repertoire.


While the rumors of BTS’ V and Jung Ho Yeon’s involvement in NewJeans’ music video have sparked excitement among fans, it is essential to remember that nothing has been officially confirmed by the respective agencies. As the anticipation continues to build, fans eagerly await any announcements from HYBE LABELS and Jung Ho Yeon’s agency regarding the potential collaboration. Until then, fans can look forward to the release of NewJeans’ upcoming music video for “Cool With You” and the possibility of seeing some surprise guest appearances from these global stars.