BTS’ V charms fans with Paris trip and achievements as a solo artist

Credits: BigHit/Twitter

BTS’ V, also known as Kim Taehyung, delighted fans with a series of Instagram pictures showcasing his trip to Paris for a luxury fashion event. His stylish outfits, flowy hair, and charismatic expressions captivated fans worldwide. Additionally, V’s remarkable achievements as a solo artist, including chart-topping success and significant Spotify streaming milestones, further solidify his status as a powerhouse in the music industry.

Parisian Photo Booth Pictures

V shared a series of Instagram pictures featuring his trip to Paris. The first two slides captured V in a photo booth, showcasing his curly hair and charming expressions. He exuded confidence and handsomeness, captivating fans with his unique style.

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Credit: Instagram

Stylish Outfits and Memorable Moments

Following the photo booth pictures, V showcased various outfits that accentuated his sleek physique and showcased his impeccable hairstyle. The pictures captured memorable moments from his trip, including a visit to Disneyland Paris with friends. Within a few hours, the post garnered an impressive 6.34 million likes, showcasing V’s immense popularity.

Chart-Topping Achievements

V topped the solo artist charts in June, experiencing a significant increase of 417,131 Spotify followers, according to a K-pop chart show. In the general rankings, he positioned third after BTS and BLACKPINK, highlighting his individual and collective success. Despite not releasing an official personal solo album, V holds the third-largest fanbase among K-pop solo artists, boasting 13,798,045 followers as of July 7. He secured the first position in the 2022 Spotify K-Pop Solo Follower Growth Ranking, solidifying his status as a prominent solo artist.

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Credit: Instagram

Remarkable OST Success

V’s self-made songs, such as ‘Sweet Night,’ the OST of ‘Itaewon Class,’ and ‘Christmas Tree,’ the OST of ‘Our Beloved Summer,’ have garnered immense popularity on Spotify. With just two OSTs, V has amassed over 800 million streams, establishing himself as the “OST King.” Known for his exceptional lyricism and versatile musical range, V’s jazz numbers, including ‘It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas’ and ‘Cheek to Cheek’ cover recordings, have surpassed 10 million views, gaining adoration from fans worldwide.


BTS’ V delighted fans with his Instagram updates showcasing his trip to Paris, where he effortlessly displayed his fashion sense and charismatic presence. Alongside his stunning visuals, V’s remarkable achievements as a solo artist, including chart-topping success and substantial streaming milestones on Spotify, highlight his exceptional talent and global appeal. V’s Parisian adventure and solo accomplishments further solidify his standing as an influential artist in the music industry.