BTS’ V’s dog Yeontan features on Instagram much to Army’s amazement

Credits: V/Instagram

BTS member V aka Kim Taehyung never fails to amaze his fans with his stints on stage. The same also applies to his stints on social media. It has been just a few months since the singer made his debut on Instagram along with other members of the Bangtan Boys. We all know how the septet gathered a wide follower base on their respective social media handles within a short time. Kim Taehyung is no less in this regard and his millions of followers on Instagram prove the same.

V’s dog makes his Instagram debut

Did you know that V owns an adorable doggo named Yeontan? You can often spot Tae Bear accompanying the fluffy Pomeranian to his rehearsals and other places. Now, the army is more excited after Yeontan made his debut on Instagram a few days back. Yes, you heard it right. Yeontan, also known as Kim Yeontan and Tannie is often seen with the other BTS members too and is everyone’s favorite. Now, he has appeared on V’s Instagram account in one of his story videos. However, you won’t find it in his account now since stories appear only for 24 hours!

Earlier pictures of Yeontan

If you are thinking that this is the first time V has introduced his doggo to the world, you are absolutely wrong. Around 16 weeks ago, Kim Taehyung did share some adorable pictures of Yeontan on his Instagram handle leaving everyone in awe. In, one of the pictures, the dog is seen peeping at the camera while in another one, he is seen looking through a wine glass. In fact, J-Hope also commented on the same post by sending an adorable smiley for the furry guy.

Check out V’s Instagram post below.


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Did you know that V became the first Asian to get 19 million likes on one of his Instagram posts? You will be surprised to know that it is the same post that features the cute little guy Yeontan aka Tannie.

V and BTS on the go

Recently, BTS made everyone go frenzy after having made a surprise appearance at the Oscars. Although the septet was not physically present at the 94th Academy Awards, the members made sure to send their message to the world through a pre-recorded video. There, they talked about their favorite animated movies and other musical moments from Disney. Most of them called Coco one of their favorite movies. One of them also praised the Will Smith starrer Aladdin.

What’s up with J-Hope?

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V’s co-member from BTS, J-Hope had recently contracted COVID-19. He has now recovered and is expected to join the team for their future ventures after having completed his home treatment.

BTS plans

V, J-Hope, and other members of the BTS will soon fly to the US for their Grammys 2022 appearance. Apart from that, they also have the Permission to Dance concert in the pipeline. It will be held in Las Vegas. The concert has been officially named Permission to Dance: On Stage.