BTS’ V drops B-Side ‘Blue’ music video from solo album Layover

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On September 12, 2023, BTS member V delighted fans with the release of the music video for the b-side track “Blue” from his album “Layover.” The song’s simplicity and irresistible melody have garnered immense love from fans, and the accompanying music video has received a warm reception.

For the unversed, the “Blue” music video unfolds with Kim Taehyung portrayed as a character filled with anxiety, embarking on a journey that takes viewers on a captivating emotional ride. The official video begins with V behind the wheel, his expression reflecting a sense of urgency, and proceeds to follow him as he desperately searches for someone.

The Black and White Aspect

Notably, the music video for “Blue” is entirely presented in black and white, creating an atmosphere of seriousness and melancholy. The BTS member’s passionate performance adds depth to the emotional narrative, emphasizing his captivating baritone voice.

R&B Essence with Modern Flair

“Blue” encapsulates the essence of R&B, enriched by resonant bass and drum elements, along with a contemporary twist that adds a modern touch to the sound. BTS’ V, who is known for his love of jazz, R&B, and blues, skillfully incorporates these influences into his music, offering fans a glimpse into his inner musical world. V’s “Layover” album has struck a chord with fans worldwide, resonating with the essence of Kim Taehyung’s musical identity. He has openly shared his affinity for jazz, R&B, and blues, elements that are beautifully woven into all the tracks on the album.

Upcoming MV Releases

Tae Bear’s dedication to his art is further showcased through his commitment to releasing music videos for all the album’s b-side tracks, with the exception of “Slow Dancing (Piano Ver.).” Fans have already enjoyed MVs for “Love Me Again,” “Rainy Days,” and “Slow Dancing,” with the eagerly anticipated release of the MV for the b-side “For Us.”

Special Appearance on IU’s “Palette”

In a surprising and heartwarming moment for fans, Kim Taehyung made a special appearance on IU’s show “Palette.” The duo shared their mutual passion for music, with V expressing his initial nervousness about appearing on the show and IU promising a remarkable episode for fans.

Meanwhile, check out the official MV for Blue below:

V 'Blue' Official MV