BTS’ V’s evolution over the years is sure to leave you shocked; See Pictures

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The BTS members have millions of fans from around the world for obvious reasons. Each member has a specialty of his own and the ardent fans are surely aware of the same. V aka Kim Taehyung is among the quirkiest members of the Septet. From wooing the audience with his endless expressions during performances to making surprise appearances on social media, Tae Bear surely knows how to grab attention.

Another reason why V has a massive fan following is because of his baritone voice and striking good looks. Just like the other BTS members, V has dramatically changed his concepts, wardrobes, and looks to complement the ever-evolving music of the Septet. Here is a look into how Kim Taehyung aka V has evolved over the years.

The debut look in 2013

It was back in the year 2013 that a band entered the world of K-pop music and changed the entire scenario! Yes, we are talking about BTS here. V was and still is one of the significant members of the Bangtan Boys. Here is a picture of Tae Bear during his early days with the BTS.

The intriguing look from 2015

The BTS members were already basking in their success within two years of their debut. Here’s another look at V from the 2015 MAMA awards.

Kim Taehyung in 2016

Remember Kim Taehyung’s cute hairstyle from 2016? We found the perfect one just for you!


That look from 2018

V is surely going to make your heads turn with this intriguing look from 2018.

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The Instagram era

It was just a few months ago that Kim Taehyung made his debut on Instagram with the other BTS members. He had millions of followers within no time for obvious reasons. Since then, the army was never devoid of any of his intriguing pictures, and here’s the proof.


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