BTS’ V’s fan sites gear up to celebrate his birthday through special projects

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BTS member V’s birthday is just around the corner and multiple fan sites have indulged in interesting projects for the special day. For the unversed, NUNA V is the most followed Korean fan site on Twitter. It is also a self-funded fandom of Kim Taehyung and every year the fans come up with an extravagant project to celebrate his birthday and this year was no different. To make things different, the die-hard fans of V are opening cafes globally, in different places, such as South Korea, Dubai, and Japan. The best part here is that all the cafes are exclusively V or Kim Taehyung-themed. According to the latest reports, the cafes in South Korea are located around the HYBE building, which is the perfect location for other fans to enjoy and celebrate Tae Bear’s birthday.


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Other plans

The largest fan club in China, ‘Baidu Viva’, has announced that it would advertise on all 22 screen sets of Oculus for two consecutive days from December 29 to 30, 2022. For the unversed, Oculus is the transport hub for the World Trade Center. It is a complex cultural space that comprises a train station, shopping center, and pedestrian tunnel. It is one of the most significant landmarks in Lower Manhattan and boasts a floating population of 250,000 daily commuters.

V’s specialty


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The BTS members have millions of fans from around the world for obvious reasons. Each member has a specialty of his own and the ardent fans are surely aware of the same. V aka Kim Taehyung is among the quirkiest members of the Septet. From wooing the audience with his endless expressions during performances to making surprise appearances on social media, Tae Bear surely knows how to grab attention. Recently, Tae Bear displayed his strong friendship with American singer Lizzo via a few Instagram stories that sent the fans into a frenzy.

V on social media

BTS member V is a pro at handling social media and his list of posts on Instagram is proof! From posing in the quirkiest manner for the camera to featuring on popular magazine covers, Kim Taehyung is everywhere!