BTS’ V gets death threats; ARMY trends #HYBETAKEACTION and #PROTECTTAEHYUNG on Twitter

BTS’ V gets death threats; ARMY trends #HYBETAKEACTION and #PROTECTTAEHYUNG on Twitter
Credits: Instagram

It would be a shocker to know that BTS is not only receiving a lot of love and affection from across the world, but also an equal amount of hate. In recent news, BTS’ V aka Taehyung, has been receiving death threats on the global fandom app, Weverse. With death threats facing an exponential rise, BTS’ ARMY has shown its solidarity and concern on Twitter.

The death threats have emerged largely in the past few weeks by some of the anti-fans of the singer. These threats, which are largely observed on Weverse, mention harming V during the septet’s free concert in October this year. In comparison to the exorbitant ARMY that is only ever increasing, these few anti-fans are minuscule. BTS ARMY, within no time of these comments, rallied behind the BTS member and requested the group’s label, HYBE, to take some serious action against such haters by trending #HYBETAKEACTION and #PROTECTTAEHYUNG on Twitter.

The death threats have resulted in much public outrage to such an extent that fans all over the world have begun mailing the agency, HYBE to take action against these Twitter accounts. Take a look at the ARMYs reaction on the same:

Be that as it may, this is not the first time that this BTS member has received death threats. In April, V received a death threat resulting from a 2019 tweet and the time shared between V, Jungkook and Jimin during the Permission to Dance on Stage concert. The Inner Child singer was allegedly threatened with guns in the mentioned 2019 tweet.

BTS’ label is extremely stringent when it comes to such matters. In the past, the agency has released 13 official statements mentioning legal action against the culprits of malicious activities perpetrated on BTS, which include the spread of groundless or fake information, ill-intentioned criticism, sexual harassment, and defamation and personal attacks.

In June 2022, BTS sent a global ripple effect when they announced that the members will be henceforth focusing on their solo projects. However, they later clarified that they will also be carrying out their group activities simultaneously. Soon after the announcement, the Korean septet was announced as the official public relations ambassador for the 2030 Busan World Expo. Since then, the members as well as their label, have decided to help Busan win the bid for the event in everyone was possible.

Meanwhile, Kim Taehyung, also popularly called V, is featured in IN THE SOOP: Friendcation, which is a spin-off of the HYBE’s popular series IN THE SOOP. He is featured along with Park Hyungsik, Park Seojoon, BTS’ V, Choi Wooshik and Peakboy, collectively called the Wooga Squad.