BTS’ V gives an update to the ARMY about Jungkook’s absence

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BTS member V has finally decided to give the ARMY a little peace as he suddenly showed up on Weverse Live a few days ago. For the unversed, Tae Bear made a comeback on the platform after a long break. The vocalist not only switched filters several times but also wished fans a happy new year.

Amid the same, he did not forget to mention Jin, who had left for his mandatory military service a month ago after celebrating his birthday. V further provided an update on Jungkook. It is because fans were reportedly worried about the prolonged silence from the latter.


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V’s revelations

Talking about V, the septet member revealed to his fans that Jin, in fact, contacted him. Here is what he reportedly said, “Jin says he is working hard and diligently right now. He contacted me.” He further stated that if Jin was there, he would have spammed his live session. V further said, “I’m playing games with my friends, and Jungkook is here too.” Kim Taehyung stated, “I came since I was bored, I’ll come again later when I feel bored. I don’t really use the phone a lot these days. You guys be healthy and don’t get sick.”

Jungkook’s radio silence

BTS’ youngest member Jungkook has been missing in action since December 2022. Everyone did witness him for a brief moment when he returned online to wish ARMY a happy new year on the popular platform, Weverse. There is no denying that old videos of the singer have been doing the rounds on social media but most of the fans are worried about his silence. A few others also wondered how was it that Jin, who is currently off for his mandatory military service since last month, managed to share posts on social media instead of Jungkook. The last appearance of Jungkook was when he bid goodbye to Jin at the military camp.

The Grammy’s rumors

The official social media account of the Grammys recently began following the two members of BTS – one of the most popular K-pop brands, which includes RM and Jungkook. It has given rise to increasing speculations amongst the ARMY about why the Grammys started following only two of them out of the seven members of the Bangtan Boys. Now, rumors are going around that the BTS leader and Jungkook might attend the Grammys award 2023 ceremony.