BTS’ V names 5 K-pop songs that he loves to listen; DEETS inside

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In a special Spotify episode on the YouTube channel “Spotify’s K-Pop On!” aimed at promoting his solo album Layover, BTS’ V delighted fans by sharing his current top 9 favorite K-pop songs. In this episode, V got engaged in various activities, answered questions, and unveiled his personal playlist of K-pop tracks that have caught his attention.

Hype Boy by NewJeans

Kim Taehyung’s list kicked off with “Hype Boy” by NewJeans. This song gained particular prominence due to V’s dance challenge with the NewJeans members, demonstrating his affection for the viral hit. V shared that it only took him 10 minutes to master the choreography.

Bite Me by ENHYPEN

The BTS member affectionately referred to ENHYPEN as their “company little bros” and expressed deep admiration for “Bite Me,” showcasing the camaraderie between BTS and ENHYPEN.

Eve, Psyche, & The Bluebeard’s wife by LE SSERAFIM

V not only mentioned this track but also embarked on a dance challenge to it. His playful caption humorously declared his addiction to dance challenges, underscoring his fun-loving spirit.

SEVEN by BTS Jungkook

V included Jungkook’s recent hit song “SEVEN” on his list, emphasizing their close bond as bandmates. The global popularity of “SEVEN” made it a natural choice for V’s favorites.

The 7th Sense by NCT U

Before the game even began, V expressed his admiration for NCT U’s debut song, “The 7th Sense.” He praised the song’s impressiveness, coolness, and beauty, reflecting his enduring fondness for it.

Love Me Again by V

Naturally, V included one of his own songs, “Love Me Again” from his Layover album, on his list, acknowledging the success and popularity of his solo debut.

Better Things by aespa

Although V didn’t explicitly state his reason for choosing this track, it’s likely that he appreciates the visual elements associated with it, similar to his interest in the music video for “The 7th Sense.”


Kim Taehyung included “Super” by SEVENTEEN in his list, indicating his affinity for high-energy songs with infectious beats and upbeat vibes. The close friendship between SEVENTEEN and BTS members likely adds to his appreciation.

Slow Dancing by V

Closing the list, V included one of his own songs, “Slow Dancing.” This choice reflects his personal connection and pride in his music, as artists often hold a special appreciation for their own work.

Tae Bear’s selection of K-pop favorites provides insight into his diverse musical tastes and his genuine enjoyment of both his own music and the work of fellow artists in the industry.