BTS’ V’s pet dog finally makes its stage debut; Watch VIDEO

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Recently, BTS’ V made a memorable appearance at M COUNTDOWN, where he showcased his talent by performing two songs from his debut solo album, “Layover.” The audience was treated to captivating renditions of “Love Me Again” and “Slow Dancing,” making it an unforgettable night for fans.

During the performance of “Slow Dancing,” a surprise guest stole the spotlight and took the audience by storm. Kim Taehyung made a heartwarming entrance with his beloved pet dog, Yeontan, marking the canine’s stage debut. This unexpected twist added an extra layer of charm and excitement to the performance.

Watch the video below:

Promoting “Layover” and Winning Hearts

The BTS member’s debut solo album, “Layover,” which was released on September 8, 2023, has been making waves in the music industry. He has been actively promoting the album on various platforms, including variety shows and dance challenges. The M COUNTDOWN performance was a significant milestone as “Slow Dancing” secured its first win on the show, marking an impressive fourth win for the album.

Fashion Statements and Fan Cheers

V made fashion statements on stage, donning a fiery red sequin costume for “Love Me Again” and a casual yet stylish T-shirt and denim combo for “Slow Dancing.” Fans couldn’t contain their excitement as Yeontan made his stage debut, and the cheers from the audience echoed their love and support for the heartwarming duo. Yeontan, the adorable Pomeranian, appeared curious and cheerful while on stage, clearly enjoying his newfound stardom moment. The fans’ hearts melted as they witnessed this lovely bond between V and Yeontan.

A Special Dedication to a Furry Friend

Tae Bear’s album “Layover” is not just about music; it’s a special dedication to his cherished pet, Yeontan. The music video for “Slow Dancing” even incorporates elements related to his beloved dog, further emphasizing the deep connection between the two. V’s surprise stage appearance with Yeontan added a heartwarming touch to his M COUNTDOWN performance, leaving fans filled with admiration for this talented artist and his furry companion.